Protecting the environment and managing waste efficiently through digitally automated recycling plants

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An automated disposal areal is a good solution for efficiently disposing of waste of different classes. Automated recycling plants work reliably, quickly, efficiently and, above all, cost-effectively. Thanks to the modular principle, such plants offer a great deal of individual freedom in their design. Learn more about automated recycling plants and their features.

The concept of automated recycling plants

The idea behind such systems is to accept, classify and digitally bill for waste without the use of manual labor. This starts at the entrance to the plant and extends to the payment process. We at Hunkeler Systeme AG provide the technology to create such automated recycling facilities.

Due to the wide range of disposal technology in our portfolio, individual adaptation to your requirements is possible. Thus, thanks to Hunkeler Systeme AG, you create an automated disposal compound according to your ideas.

What are the advantages of automated and digital recycling plants?

Both for you as an operator and for your customers, automated disposal technology has decisive advantages. For you as the owner, the low costs are of primary interest. The amount of manual work also decreases significantly. At the same time, the costs for handling and transport are reduced.

The automated disposal systems also save space. Optimized collection, which is also automatic, significantly reduces storage requirements. This saves valuable space and allows you to plan a compact disposal area.

Your customers theoretically have the option of delivering waste at any time of day. Thanks to the fully automated system, automated recycling plants operate completely independently of opening hours. At the same time, the system is intuitive and thus customer-friendly.

These are the key advantages of automated recycling plants at a glance:

  • customer-friendly
  • delivery of waste independent of opening hours
  • high separation quality due to sensors and modern technology
  • minimal personnel expenditure
  • seamless recording of customers and delivered materials
  • cost-efficient solution for disposal and recycling

What components do automated recycling plants consist of?

Automated recycling

An automated disposal area can be built according to the modular principle. Most importantly, this includes different disposal systems. In this way, the recycling system can be specifically geared to the waste materials you want to accept.

An automated disposal compound is composed of the following:

  • control center with control software
  • ticket system
  • entrance with terminal and barrier
  • various scales
  • disposal stations
  • payment stations

The headquarters of the digital disposal compound

The automated disposal area is built around multifunctional control software. This is responsible for the management of customer data and current operations in the recycling yard, as well as billing. Thanks to such software, the disposal area operates automatically, autonomously, transparently and precisely.

The manual administrative effort is thus reduced to a minimum. The software is connected to the individual disposal stations, the scales, the terminals at the entrance and exit and the payment station. In this way, all data enters the central database. This allows precise knowledge of who disposed of what at what time.

In addition, real-time billing is possible. At the exit, the customer receives a precise final invoice. Payment is possible either directly at the pay station or by invoice. The control software then also takes over this part of the accounting and records the receipt of payment. Thus, the system functions automatically to the greatest possible extent.

In addition, the control software allows an exact separation of the processes in the disposal compound. In this way, different customer groups or municipalities can use one facility.

Systems for automatic weighing of residual materials

Systeme für das automatische Wiegen von Reststoffen

The weighing of residual waste is one of the central functions in a recycling center. Billing is based on weight. Furthermore, different costs arise for different types of residual waste. Therefore, both you as an operator and your customers are interested in an accurate and transparent weighing process.

We offer you different systems for weighing. This means that there is a suitable scale for every type of residual waste. These include, for example, the flat-bottom scales, which determine the weight before and after emptying. The difference is then used as the basis for billing. The type of waste is also recorded at the weighing terminal for cost calculation.

Weighing systems on containers allow smaller quantities of residual waste to be disposed of according to the source. Here, weighing takes place directly in the container after the customer has identified himself via card. The capacity of the containers with weighing systems ranges from 240 to 1,100 litres.

The weighing data can be collected and transmitted in different ways. The individual weighing stations can transmit the data via GSM or also via cable connection to the central management program. There, the system collects all the information and compiles it for final billing. This makes it easy to dispose of and accounts for different types of waste together.

The weighing gates work on the same principle. They are connected to a compactor container. The system on the container records the customer as well as the type and weight of the residual materials deposited. Compression of the residual materials by the press saves space and increases efficiency.

We at Hunkeler Systeme AG also offer scales for tipping devices. These are additionally equipped with a terminal. Depending on the system, it can identify the customer via a card or print out a receipt. Accordingly, the system transmits the weighed quantity and waste type either digitally or as a printed receipt.

The disposal stations: the heart of the automated recycling plant

Die Entsorgungsstationen: Herzstück der automatisierten Recyclinganlage

Among the most important points in a versatile recycling plant are the different stations for the disposal of waste and recyclables. Each of the different raw materials require different stations for acceptance. An automated disposal yard requires special technology so that the acceptance of the residual materials also functions without employees.

For this purpose, we at Hunkeler Systeme AG have developed numerous solutions for the disposal stations. Thanks to scales, filling systems or roller gates, it is possible to check the residual materials that have been deposited. These systems ensure complete automation of the processes at high speed.

Thanks to these solutions, an automated waste disposal plant processes the whole range of raw materials and residual waste. Press containers, disposal stations with roller doors, and other solutions are available for this purpose.

The ticket system in an automated disposal compound

Part of the self-service concept of the automated disposal area is the ticket system. Here we offer you various options. For example, you can issue fixed disposal tickets. These are designed like credit cards. When entering, the customer inserts the disposal card at the scanner and thus gains access to the disposal compound.

The alternative is a printed ticket that is generated upon entry. This is practical for irregular customers. Waste for which costs are incurred is precisely weighed. Corresponding terminals are also equipped with scanners and readers. In this way, precise billing takes place per consumer.

Entrance and exit at the automated waste disposal compound: terminal, barriers and payment station

Ein- und Ausfahrt am automatisierten Entsorgungshof: Terminal, Schranken und Zahlstation

The overall concept of the automated waste disposal area also includes controls at the entrance and exit. The barriers at the entrance are able to detect and control the number of customers on the premises. This allows the entrance to be blocked when maximum capacity is reached. As soon as a station is free, the barrier allows another customer to enter.

Payment is then made when the customer leaves the compound. The barrier at the exit is connected with the payment station. At the exit, customers can make their individual payment – similar to a parking garage. The total is calculated via the card or ticket. A pay station is also available here. This accepts digital payments directly on site. 

In just a few steps, the customer pays for the disposal or confirms the settlement on his account, as is the case at the Gobat disposal center in Develier. The central software has taken over the billing. In this way, the entire process is completed at the exit.

Digital recycling centres bring further advantages for disposal companies

In practice, you benefit from an automated system in other ways as well. These include the high separation quality in disposal. This is ensured by the electronic systems on the one side and video surveillance, which helps to ensure clean disposal on the other. In this context, incoming inspections also help to improve disposal quality.

The data provided by the control software is also helpful. It provides you with information about the average length of stay of customers. You can also identify the high frequency times in your disposal centre and monitor the level of containers.

With the help of such information, it is possible to run the recycling centre in a highly efficient manner. For example, you can optimize staff scheduling and adjust it to peak times. Opening hours or collection schedules can also be designed accordingly.

What types of waste does an automated disposal yard accept?

Welche Arten von Abfällen nimmt ein automatisierter Entsorgungshof auf?

With an automated system for waste disposal, you can receive both payable waste and recyclables without fees. Access control via the ticket system ensures that no unauthorized persons enter the site.

The various waste disposal systems we make available to you then enable waste to be disposed of according to type. Thus, your disposal centre becomes a versatile collection point for residual waste and recyclables thanks to the automated technology. With an automated disposal centre, you can organize the acceptance of the following residual and recyclable materials, among others:

  • plastics
  • cardboard
  • iron and metal scrap
  • electrical scrap
  • textiles
  • bulky waste
  • waste wood
  • polystyrene
  • green waste

Plan and realize automated recycling plants with Hunkeler Systeme AG

From Hunkeler Systeme AG you receive complete automated systems for waste disposal. We accompany you during the implementation of such projects through every stage. This begins with the planning and extends to the commissioning. In addition, we are available to assist you with services during operation.

We at Hunkeler Systeme AG have many decades of experience in the field of waste disposal technology. We have implemented automated recycling plants for numerous customers, such as Gulf News. With us, you will receive competent advice with individual analysis of your needs. In this way, our team ensures, with their personal support, that the final result corresponds to your conceptions.

Automated recycling plants of the future: What do artificial intelligence and IoT have to do with waste disposal centres?

Was haben künstliche Intelligenz und IoT mit einem Entsorgungshof zu tun

AI and IoT are terms that are primarily known from IT. However, more recently, these technologies are conquering more and more new areas. There are also potential applications in waste disposal technology. We at Hunkeler Systeme AG are already integrating smart technology into our automated recycling plants.

This includes, for example, sensor-based sorting during disposal. The sorting technology automatically detects recyclables such as paper, cardboard, films or PET. The system removes them and collects the raw materials separately.

We also offer smart containers. These are equipped with IoT sensors that monitor the fill level. If a container is almost full, the IoT sensor sends a message to the waste disposal company. A pickup then takes place automatically and on demand. Likewise, you can query the fill level of the containers at any time via the control software in the control center.

Automated recycling plants from Hunkeler Systeme AG: expandable and flexible

Hunkeler Systeme AG systems are adaptable for the future and expandable and thus ready for future innovations. Retrofits and upgrades are possible at any time. You can increase capacity, add new stations or integrate modern disposal technology into your existing automated recycling plant.

You can also upgrade current recycling centres with our technology. In this way, you automate your disposal compound and prepare your company for the future. You benefit from high efficiency, low operating costs and smooth operation.
We provide you with technology for modern, automated recycling facilities. If you have any questions about disposal technology, contact us now. We will support you in the realization of an automated disposal centre.