Compaction and disposal of residual waste – Press container from Hunkeler Systeme AG

Press containers in practice

Press containers from Hunkeler Systeme AG

Residual waste is generated in every commercial and industrial sector. This ranges from packaging material to raw materials from production to direct waste. The disposal of these materials is often problematic and labour-intensive. With the help of a press container, residual waste of various classes is compressed quickly and conveniently. The combination of a compactor and a container provides a system that enables quick disposal. A great advantage of the containers is that they are extremely versatile in use. Thus, there are numerous applications in commerce, trade, industry and other sectors. The containers are designed to be transported by truck. This eliminates the need for internal company transports or space-intensive interim storage. As soon as a container is full, the disposal company of your choice picks up the residual materials. All compactors can be supplied with lifting and tipping devices for emptying collection containers. A variety of lids to cover the feed openings is available, so that the compactors can easily be installed outdoors.

Range of application

Whether cardboard, paper, bulky waste, wood, pallets, PE bottles, PET, plastic, organic waste, wet waste or green and garden waste, the areas of application of press containers are almost unlimited.

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Einsatzorte Presscontainer

Your advantages with press containers from Hunkeler Systeme AG


Individual size according to customer requirements


Reduction in handling and transport costs


Versatile use with a wide range of recyclable materials

Améliorer les intervalles de maintenance des systèmes

Low maintenance systems and components


High availability

Basse consommation énergétique avec 230 volts

High energy efficiency
and low operating costs


Smart containers networked
with the disposal company

Product advantages

  • The right product for every application
  • Versatile and flexible application possibilities
  • Simple and time-saving operation
  • High compaction rates and container weights

Disposal costs

  • Reduction of manual labour
  • Reduction of storage costs
  • Reduction of transport costs due to high compaction rates

Operating costs

  • Low maintenance thanks to robust and durable design
  • Low energy costs thanks to highly efficient electro-hydraulics
  • High availability and low downtime
  • Stationary presses allow non-stop operation

Smart containers

  • Direct networking option with the disposal company
  • Integrated fill level monitoring and communication modules
  • Integration of scales for user-friendly billing


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