The benefits and advantages of the Hunkeler Cardboard Shredder HKZ



Many modern manufacturing and storage facilities rely on cardboard packaging solutions. While cardboard is a common and cost-effective material, cardboard waste is always a real concern. Studies have found that the European Union alone produces more than 32.7 million tonnes of cardboard waste every year. The Hunkeler Cardboard Shredder HKZ was developed to handle these enormous amounts of waste.

How do these units work? What are their main purposes, and what are the benefits for customers? Let’s examine each of these questions.

 What basic functions does the Hunkeler Cardboard Shredder HKZ provide?

Hunkeler Cardboard Shredder HKZ Functions

The main purpose of the Hunkeler Cardboard Shredder HKZ is to reduce the dimensions of cardboard waste into manageable sizes. This is accomplished with a series of cutting blades which reduce the cardboard waste into sizes which can be easily handled. The primary intention is to reduce the waste volume to increase the economic efficiency of all related processes.

The unique cutting blade configuration also enables Hunkeler Cardboard Shredder HKZ to handle different types of cardboard waste. For instance, it can shred narrow strips, larger pieces and cardboard boxes with the same degree of efficiency. Afterwards, operators can remove the shredded waste for further processing and/or disposal.

What sizes of the Hunkeler Cardboard Shredder HKZ are available?

Hunkeler Systeme understood that flexibility is one of the keys to long-term success. This is why our cardboard shredders are offered in three different sizes:

  • The HKZ 700
  • The HKZ 1100
  • The HKZ 1400

Each product name signifies the maximum shredding width of the unit. For example, the HKZ 700 can accommodate widths of 700 millimeters and feeding heights of 500 millimeters. This variant is suitable for medium cardboard waste volumes.

The HKZ 1400 was developed to tackle larger amounts of waste. It has a feeding width of 1400 millimeters and a height of 700 millimeters and has the most powerful drives with 8.6 kW/H.

The team at Hunkeler Systeme will be happy to answer any questions in regard to these models and their attributes.

Sizes of the Hunkeler Cardboard Shredder HKZ

Targeted Solutions Within Dynamic Workplaces

Now that we have taken a brief look at the main features of the Hunkeler Cardboard Shredders HKZ, what benefits can they provide? Let us examine some key advantages.


Small footprint

Space within production environments is often scarce. This is why The Hunkeler Cardboard Shredders HKZ are designed to occupy a footprint of approx. one square meter. This also allows the installation of these units even within areas with limited space. A maximum height of two meters (the HKZ 1100 and the HKZ 1400 series) further reduces their physical presence.

User-friendly maintenance

The Hunkeler Cardboard Shredder HKZ series has been engineered with a special focus to maintenance. Practical features including individually removable bolts, a removable intake and accessible ripper segments. Furthermore, each unit has been built to the highest standards, what helps to ensure longevity and an impressive ROI.

High throughput

Thanks to the cutting blades’ configuration and wear-resistant steel, each machine can handle impressive workloads. This allows the HKZ series to tackle projects with a smaller volume of cardboard waste, as well as high demanding applications with high waste volumes with the same level of efficiency. This makes the HKZ series the optimal “all-purpose application”.

Intelligent control

Due to the nature of shredding machines, safety is always of paramount concern. PLCs (programmable logic controllers) will constantly monitor parameters such as feed rates and detect possible jams. In the event that a fault is detected, the unit will immediately cease operation. Therefore, unintentional damage and needless wear and tear can be avoided.

Simplified integration

The modular nature of our Hunkeler Cardboard Shredders HKZ also enables the integration of complete processing and production solutions and central waste disposal systems. For example, it is possible to further automate processes by the integration of conveyor belts or balers. Thus, customers can choose the appropriate configuration in accordance with their requirements.

A synergy of efficiency and innovation

The Hunkeler Cardboard Shredder HKZ series represents the logical solution for efficient waste processing of cardboard waste. These units are some of our most popular products and offer an intelligent design alongside durability and reliability.

Please note that Hunkeler Systeme offers a host of other solutions, including:

  • Briquetting machines
  • Document shredders
  • Compactors
  • Sorting systems
  • Compact suction units

Anyone eager to learn more should contact the representatives of Hunkeler System. We can then discuss the possible options in greater detail or provide additional targeted advice.