Cardboard shredder HKZ 700 - 1100 - 1400

The shredding of cardboard boxes and gripping edges

Cardboard shredder HKZ 700 – 1100 – 1400

The reduction of transport costs, the reduction of the volume for feeding to existing press containers or balers as well as the shredding of the material for conveyor belt feeding are good reasons for the use of cardboard shredders. With the cardboard shredder HKZ, we have a robust and absolutely process-reliable machine in several sizes in our product portfolio. Whether shredding packaging or processing cardboard waste, we always offer you a perfect solution. This also includes the transfer and integration to extraction systems or conveyor belts, which can be designed to be much smaller and more energy-efficient in terms of layout and dimensions with the use of the HKZ shredder.

HKZ 700 connection to BOBST MASTERCUT 1.7 / 2.1 die cutting machine

The Hunkeler cardboard shredder HKZ 700 is ideally suited for shredding cardboard in the areas of die-cutting (strips and large-area cardboard), e-commerce and cardboard boxes. Due to the special shape and arrangement of the knives, an optimal feeding of narrow strips up to large cardboard boxes is achieved. On the BOBST MASTERCUT die cutter, the component allows the gripper edges to be cut directly without the need for an intermediate cut within the machine. This increases productivity in the die cutting process. The module occupies a floor area of just one square meter. Thanks to the special blade geometry and positioning, the HKZ-700 shreds narrow cardboard strips just as efficiently as large cardboard parts. 

Ripper segments reduce waste to a handy size

The HKZ carton shredder consists of two shafts with independent drives, a slow-running infeed shaft and a faster ripper shaft, which shreds the cartons into the desired size. Segments made of wear-resistant and durable special steel are used for this purpose. The diameters of the rotors are generously dimensioned and thus also process large-format cardboard boxes without any problems. In addition, the infeed and ripper rotors are equipped with a special wiper system that prevents the shaft from wrapping. This ensures a stable material supply and high availability.

Robust design for long service life and high availability

In general, the system is designed for the highest possible operational reliability with long maintenance intervals. Slow-running drives are used for power transmission, which has a positive effect on service life and maintenance requirements. A PLC control system with automatic reversing and shutdown also protects the shredder from damage caused by overloading or solid particles in the material. For integration into a process line, the HKZ is available in different versions.

Cardboard waste for direct extraction into conveyor systems

Due to its efficient shredding process, the Hunkeler HKZ is perfectly suited for trouble-free extraction of waste directly at the point of generation. Material such as cardboard waste from production machines or automatic punching machines can thus be extracted directly into existing conveyor systems. This enables us to offer you a complete system for the highly efficient processing of cardboard waste. By shredding the waste, smaller tube diameters can be used, which has a positive effect on energy requirements.

Your advantages with a Hunkeler cardboard shredder HKZ

Less Waste

Volume reduction of waste
Efficient further processing on smaller extraction or conveyor systems has a positive effect on space and procurement costs.

Icon Installation

Easy maintenance
due to individually bolted, replaceable intake and ripper segments. Low-maintenance drives.

Savings in operating costs

Savings in operating costs
Long service life with ripper knives and segments made of wear-resistant special steel.

Efficient shredding

Efficient shredding
Due to optimal feeding behavior with individual feeding segments adapted to the material.

Further advantages

  • High throughput at low drive power
    Mit speziellem Abstreifersystem kein Wickeln an den Wellen.
  • Variable application possibilities
    Various sizes and design variants for different material feeds.
  • Economical and safe operation
    PLC control with reversing and automatic shutdown enables protection of the machine from damage in case of overload or from solid parts.
  • Discreet noise development
    Optimized shredding process for minimum noise development

Technical data

TypeLxBxHFeeding widthFeeding heightDrive power
HKZ 7001.2x1x1m700mm500mm5.1kW/h
HKZ 11002.4×1.5x2m1100mm700mm6.6kW/h
HKZ 14002.4×1.8x2m1400mm700mm8.6kW/h

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