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Where huge quantities of waste arise – if in production, trade or administration – compaction is an important part of the disposal logistic. Compacted and pure waste is secondary raw material, it simplifies the handling, allows an interim storage and reduces stock and transport costs as well as personal costs.
Cutting Blade Technology I Pre-Press Technology
A channel baling press with cutting blade technology is the ideal solultion for small to large material amounts, is suitable for various materials and is versatile in use. Shearing takes place automatically with high quality cutting blades operating at a steady cutting pressure. This technology has proven itself as reliable and versatile many times over. The fully automatic configuration guarantees a continuous feed and is the perfect solution for connection with an air feed system or conveyor belt feed.
The material is fed into the compacting chamber by the pre-press in such a way as to ensure optimal filling of the chamber. The material is pre-compacted here. Superfluous material no longer needs to be cut off, which reduces not only the wear and tear on the machinery but also the danger of stoppages. This also means that machine parts are spared, energy consumption lowered and the system runs safely and economically. The use of pre-press technology means a 40% reduction in energy consumption, compared to a similar press with cutting blade technology.