Press containers with integrated weighing technology - Disposal 4.0


Press containers for the simple, space-saving collection of waste such as paper, film, green waste or residual waste are standard equipment in many areas of waste disposal. Compacting waste helps to reduce the logistic and storage costs. At Hunkeler Systeme, we have been implementing appropriate systems for many years with great success. Whether “simple” compacting containers, bulky waste compactors, wet waste compactors or industrial cardboard compactors: We are your competent partner.

Particularly with a view to Industry 4.0, waste management has increasingly come into focus in recent years. After all, collection and disposal are central logistical requirements for industrial companies.

But digital waste management has not only found its way into industry. The new technologies also play a major role for municipal operations. In particular, the integration of weighing technology into the compacting containers is an important step in this regard.

Accurate recording of the quantities of waste disposed of enables companies to integrate waste disposal into digitized processes. For disposal companies, it becomes easier to allocate the recorded waste quantities to the polluters and to invoice them transparently.

What are the advantages of integrating weighing technology into the press containers?

Wiegetechnik in die Presscontainer

Waste scales installed directly integrated in the press containers facilitate the quantification of the disposed waste.

The most important advantages of integrated weighing technology include:

  • Polluter-pays invoicing: waste is weighed via a weighing gate when it is thrown into the container. This enables fairer and transparent invoicing of the disposal costs incurred.
  • Efficient capacity utilization: By monitoring the container filling level, capacity can be better utilized.
  • Transparency and control: Companies gain more control over their waste production.

What are the advantages of weighing locks in press containers?

Wiegeschleusen in Presscontainern

The uncomplicated billing of disposal services plays a central role, especially for waste disposal and recycling companies. The integration of so-called weighing locks, container scales, and lifting and tipping devices equipped with scales makes this possible.

Weigh locks are mainly used for waste containers which are accessible to the public or semi-public, for example in the residential superstrutures or at municipal collection points.

Users log in via an electronic authentication system. The waste is then placed in the weighing gate and weighed before being automatically conveyed to the compacting container. The data collected in this way is transmitted wireless to the billing offic. This means that the press containers equipped with this technology can be placed almost anywhere without any complications.

If larger quantities of waste must be disposed, then other weighing systems make more sense. For example, Hunkeler also offers lifting and tipping devices equipped with scales. This allows entire containers to be weighed during emptying. This simplifies and speeds up the process.

How can press containers be integrated into automated processes?

In automated plants, press containers are often directly connected to the production systems. This saves employees a lot of work. One example of this is the NZZ Media Services AG printing center in St. Gallen Winkeln.

Depending on the plant and application, such systems will remove several tons of production waste from the production process. Using an automated disposal system, this waste is automatically disposed in press containers.

New smart containers with integrated weighing technology automatically record the weight of the waste generated in such processes. In this way, the waste quantities can be statistically recorded and evaluated, and the billing of the waste material in cooperation with disposal service providers is facilitated.

At Hunkeler, you can obtain a variety of different press containers with integrated weighing technology. Our team will be happy to advise you in choosing the right system. You can reach us via our contact form.