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Waste evacuation with a system

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We are providing solutions in the evacuation logistics segment for substrates like paper, cardboard, foils, and general waste to ensure an efficient management of the waste. From the compact unit right at the collection point to the factory integrated system solution, we always provide the right scaled system. From Hunkeler Systeme AG you receive comprehensive competence from one source.

Globally recognised, 80-person engineering company for tailor-made systems in disposal logistics. Construction of systems of any size for recycling companies, offset, digital and securities printing centres, financial institutes, packaging producers, large distributors, logistic centres.



Eighty years ago, disposal technology made its first appearance in the form of a baling press encased in a wooden crate, developed by a department of the then Hunkeler AG. This sector continued to develop positively. In the beginning, the new disposal technology was taken up by printing companies and for recycling, but soon spread to other market sectors. In 1990, a legal stand-alone company was founded with Hunkeler Systeme AG.

A management buy-out in 2005 formally freed Hunkeler Systeme AG from its earlier structures; since then, the company has operated in the world market as a completely independent enterprise.

Today we can confidently claim to be one of the world’s leading suppliers of disposal systems of any size, from a simple press to a complex large scale plant.

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