Hunkeler Systeme AG at the Hunkeler Innovationdays



27 February to 2 March 2023 in Lucerne, Hall 1, Stand B15

At the Hunkeler Innovationdays 2023, Hunkeler Systeme AG will present the following highlights and new products: The Hunkeler Compact System HKS-4500, the Hunkeler Document Destruction System HDDS 30 and the endproduct of roll splitters for the efficient disposal of paper rolls. In addition, the Hunkeler cardboard shredder HKZ and the Hunkeler Compakt Aircleaner HKA will be on display.

The Hunkeler Compact System HKS-4500 is a compact vacuum extraction system, designed for the disposal of production waste on two print finishing lines. Space-saving, powerful and designed for changing containers without interrupting operation, the HKS-4500 ensures a clean production environment with low energy consumption and high efficiency. The HKS-4500 can be operated with all commercially available containers.

Hunkeler Compact System HKS-4500

Paper rolls, residual rolls and roll cores are bulky, heavy and unsuitable for disposal and recycling. The roll splitters from Hunkeler Systeme provide a remedy and take over the pre-shredding of such reels. Offline or online, manual or automatic, standalone or integrated into a system, the reel splitters are an efficient and economical solution for the disposal of reels of all types and sizes.

Roll Splitters

The Hunkeler Document Destruction System HDDS 30 reliably destroys paper files and electronic data carriers. For documents, the HDDS 30 fulfils the requirements for security levels P3, P4 and P5 according to the DIN 66399 standard, and even all relevant security levels for electronic data carriers. The HDDS 30 operates with low dust pollution and is therefore suitable for document destruction in office premises.

Hunkeler Document Destruction System HDDS 30
The HKU 2000-N compact extraction unit ensures non-stop operation of production lines on a comparatively small footprint with only one waste container. During container changeover, the production waste is held back by a short-term buffer and the extraction system as well as the production line do not have to be stopped. In this way, no production capacities are lost and the profitability of your production can be increased.
HKU 2000-N Compact Extraction Unit

The Hunkeler cardboard shredder HKZ economically and efficiently shreds residual cardboard and cardboard boxes in logistics and distribution centres in the e-commerce sector. The Hunkeler cardboard shredder HKZ is designed for the integration in box-on-demand systems and the shredded cardboard waste is optimally suitable for blockage-free transport with conveyor belts or extraction systems.

Hunkeler Cardboard shredder HKZ

The Hunkeler Compact Aircleaner HKA is a multi-filter system with state-of-the-art air technology. Dust particles are a well-known problem and cannot be avoided in industrial buildings through production, movements and air supply. The HKA provides improved air quality and reduces the breathing air pollution for employees as well as the cleaning effort for buildings and production facilities.

Hunkeler Compact Aircleaner HKA

The Greenline Concept from Hunkeler Systeme AG saves costs and protects the environment. A well thought-out system architecture coupled with automatic switch-off, energy-saving system and heat recovery enables you to reduce the energy consumption for your disposal system to a minimum and significantly lower the operating costs.

Greenline Concept

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