Aircleaning with the Hunkeler Compact Aircleaner – HKA

Aircleaning in times of Covid

Hunkeler Compakt Aircleaner – HKA

Viruses and dust particles caused by movement, production processes and air circulation are a well-known and unavoidableproblem in industrial buildings. The Hunkeler Compact Aircleaner is a multi-filter system with the most modern air
technology. It ensures improved air quality and optimal air hygiene in closed rooms. The Aircleaner is ISO 16890 certified.Pre-, main- and exhaust filters are supplied. The built-in fan with the most modern EC-technology has an effectivity of up to 90% and needs no maintenance. Thanks to electronic monitoring and easy operation, the filters can be changed quickly and easily.

Dust, pollen, viruses and bacteria – indoor air quality is endangered by many influences. With the beginning of the corona pandemic, these devices have gained even more importance. They represent an important bastion against the spread of the virus.

Area uf use

From offices to large industrial buildings. In addition to the virus filter EPA E11, HEPA filter H13 with a 99.95% protection or activated carbon filter F7 can also be used for odorous air.

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Hunkeler Kompakt Airlcleaner

Your advantages with the Hunkeler Compact Aircleaner HKA

Improved breathing air quality

Effective protection from viruses

Up to 60% less
cleaning work

Improved maintenance intervals of the systems

Higher production availability

Low power consumption from 90-750 watts with 230 volts

No residual dust on the
final products

Monitored filter units

Viruses protection

  • Protects your environment from viruses and bacteria up to 99.5%
  • Significantly reduce the risk of infections
  • Filter aerosols in winter and summer
  • HEPA filter H13 available for HKA 3000

Running costs

  • Low heating costs thanks to good air circulation of the various air levels
  • Reduction of the cleaning intervals for machines, systems and buildings
  • Low power consumption with 230V

Product advantages

  • Plug & Play with a 230V mains cable (3m)
  • Low cost replacement filters
  • Filter monitoring with visual display
  • Mobile system on wheels, allows flexibilty to position the unit


  • Employee absences reduced (e.g. due to respiratory problems)
  • Maintenance intervals for the system and machines are improved
  • Dust reduction of up to 50%, protects air conditioning systems

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Technical specification

TypeNumberFilter powerRoom sizeFilter classNoise level
HKA office9768.90030190m³/hbis 190m³E1154 dB(A)
HKA 1000
9768.900011000m³/hbis 3000m³E1156 dB(A)
HKA 3000
9768.900033000m³/hbis 10’000m³F8, E11, H1358 dB(A)
HKA 10000
9768.9001010000m³/hbis 30’000m³F8, E1164 dB(A)