Dust collectors provide protection from dust for people, the environment, the product and machines

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Dust is one of the most annoying phenomena in industry. From production to packaging, it is produced in different phases. With high-performance dust removal systems, it is possible to significantly reduce or completely eliminate dust pollution. Hunkeler Systeme AG offers you individual solutions for integration into your plants, for example in the paper and cardboard industry. 

What tasks do dust collectors perform in industry? 

The primary task of such plants is to filter dust and collect it centrally. Thus, dust collectors prevent dust from spreading. However, there are also special filters designed for viruses and other particles.

In some cases, the systems are integrated directly into the production machines. Alternatively, general cleaning of the building air takes place. With these features, dust collectors protect people in the production areas. At the same time, they also serve to protect the machines as well as the environment and the products.

What are the key benefits of dust collectors?

You benefit from de-dusting systems in several ways. Depending on the type and the area of application, the focus is on different aspects. With systems that filter the room air, you improve the quality of the air you breathe. This protects the workforce and ensures compliance with legal limits.

Dust removal systems that are integrated directly into production remove dust where it occurs, preventing the machines from becoming contaminated. Such dust pollution leads to malfunctions or can even damage expensive production equipment in the long run. At the same time, you ensure that your products are manufactured and packaged free of dust. In this way, de-dusting systems also increase the quality of your products.

These are the main advantages of dust collectors in summary:

  • Improvement of air quality 
  • Protection of the workforce from dust pollution 
  • Increase in production quality
  • Protection of machinery and production equipment 

For which areas are the de-dusting systems of Hunkeler Systeme AG suitable? 

Produkt und Maschine

We design and manufacture dust collection systems for all industrial requirements. Accordingly, our systems are prepared for all potential application scenarios. In addition to series plants, you can also obtain individual solutions from us.

The plants from Hunkeler Systeme AG are mainly divided into the following areas:

The possible applications are correspondingly wide-ranging. There are de-dusting systems designed for extracting paper particles generated in production. However, with de-dusting systems from Hunkeler Systeme AG, you can also remove fine dust from the ambient air in warehouses or offices. Particularly fine dust is dangerous to health and can be effectively removed in this way. 

Hunkeler Systeme AG solutions for indoor air de-dusting 

Production areas in companies are often contaminated by dust and other fine particles. For this purpose, we have compact air-cleaners from the HKA series in our range. They are suitable for room air cleaning in a wide variety of areas – from offices to large industrial plants.

The multi-filter system with electronic monitoring is certified according to ISO 16890 and has pre-filters, main filters and exhaust filters. The electronic controls indicates when a filter change is necessary. This increases the efficiency of the system, avoids unnecessary filter changes and also ensures good air quality.

The HKA Air-cleaner is designed to filter viruses, bacteria, pollen and of course dust from production. Even corona viruses, which are currently an issue everywhere, are filtered out of the air by the system, provided that the appropriate filters are used.

An advantage of the HKA air purifiers is the possibility of using different filters in the devices. The options include:

  • Virus filter
  • HEPA filter
  • Activated carbon filter

With the EPA E11 virus filters, up to 95 percent of the particles can be filtered out of room air. Class H13 HEPA filters are even more effective. They separate at least 99.95 percent of particles from the air.

In this way, even fine dust with a particle size of 0.3 micrometers can be filtered out. Activated carbon filters F7 additionally ensure that odors in the room air are neutralized. 

Solutions for professional and individual de-dusting of production machines 


A wide variety of machines and systems in industry generate dust. Particularly in the paper processing industry, dust is generated in various particle sizes. Without appropriate devices, it gets onto the products and into the ambient air, polluting factory halls and the environment. With our dust collection and extraction systems you can prevent this.

Active dust collection directly in the production area has decisive advantages. For example, the dust does not even leave the area where it is generated. This significantly reduces the amount of cleaning required in the production zone. At the same time, the air quality in the entire area is improved.

Another advantage is that dust removal reduces wear on the machines. This increases the service life and improves reliability. At the same time, the quality of production also increases. Goods are dust-free and thus reach the customer clean.

The dust removal systems can be integrated directly into production. We adapt the systems to the local conditions and design the plants according to customer specifications. In this way, you always receive a suitable de-dusting system with all the necessary features for your requirements.

Hunkeler Systeme AG solutions are suitable for integration in factory buildings and for outdoor installation. This gives you full flexibility. The de-dusting systems can also be used for a wide range of industrial applications.

The de-dusting of paper webs with the de-dusting module I-PEM

Webdeduting unit IPEM attached to Hunkeler UW6

When printing on paper webs, printers are usually exposed to high levels of dust. This leads to contamination of the sensitive technology and increases the need for cleaning. At the same time, the life expectancy of the printers is shortened by the paper dust load. Downstream machines are also contaminated and impaired by the dust.

The I-PEM dust removal module from Hunkeler Systeme AG is designed for integration into printing lines. The module works with compressed air and cleans the paper webs before they enter the printer. In the process, the system cleans the paper webs on both sides and removes the particles without contact. The module collects the dust in a side channel compressor. This cleverly prevents contamination of the production environment.

Plan and realize your future de-dusting plant

De-dusting systems must be flexible and adapt to the machines. In most cases, the production equipment is already in place and a conversion would be uneconomical. The structural conditions must also be taken into account and specify certain framework conditions.

For this reason, the planning and realization of our de-dusting systems is always carried out individually. With you, we implement your dedusting system and orient ourselves exactly to your needs and the existing conditions.

The installation of such systems is uncomplicated in many cases. We design our concepts in such a way that the focus is on simple integration. Practical examples show how our concepts prove themselves in daily use.

Air-cleaners of the HKA series, for example, clean industrial warehouses with a volume of 10,000 cubic meters. The systems filter even fine dust reliably and quietly. The connection of our efficient systems is very simple. All that is needed is a standard household 230-volt power connection.

Are you looking for a dust extraction solution for your company? Contact us today. We can advise you on de-dusting systems or work with you to implement your individual project.