Optimize cardboard and corrugated board waste with cardboard presses


Cardboard packaging is one of the most common waste materials in companies. It accumulates both in the delivery of goods and in the company’s own production and logistics in the form of packaging material. Disposing of cardboard packaging is a challenge, especially due to the enormous space requirements. With a cardboard baler, you can solve this situation efficiently and effectively.

How does a cardboard press work?

The operation of the presses is quite simple. The devices have a feed flap into which the cardboard boxes, cartons and other cardboard waste is placed. Prior shredding is not necessary. Once the feed chamber is filled, the baler starts the compaction process. You can choose between systems that start compacting automatically and cardboard presses with manual control.

What are the different designs of carton presses?

vorteile durch den einsatz von ballenpressen

First of all, the presses are differentiated according to the size of the systems. There are space-saving small presses, multifunctional medium-sized presses, and large presses for industry. Each system has specific characteristics as well as certain areas of application.

The small presses are mostly vertical balers. The advantage of these devices is their compact design. The pressing process takes place directly in the device, so that no additional space is required.  

Vertical presses are designed primarily for retail and commercial use. They provide order in the entrance and exit area of goods. Vertical presses are designed for smaller quantities of packaging material. The throughput per hour is in a maximum range between 15 and 33 cubic meters. 

The larger variants belong to the design of horizontal baling presses. They are characterized by the particularly large feed opening and low overall height. Horizontal baling presses eject the finished bales laterally. This allows faster, continuous baling processes and thus higher throughput per hour. Automated process sequences can also be realized.


The medium-sized systems achieve throughputs of between 30 and 330 cubic meters per hour. The large presses provide the industry with even more powerful options. Here, outputs of up to 1000 cubic meters per hour are possible. 

What are the advantages of a cardboard press? 

The use of a cardboard press makes sense in all areas where cardboard, packaging and similar materials are regularly produced. The two central advantages are the time savings and the compression of the residual materials.

The unwieldy cardboard packaging in particular causes trouble in trade and commerce. It takes up an enormous amount of space, and staff have to invest a lot of time in disposal. This includes folding, stacking and transporting the packaging. In addition, there are high costs for the disposal of non-compressed packaging materials, as they are usually billed by volume.

Compressed by type, on the other hand, the packaging materials are transformed into a valuable raw material. More and more disposal companies in Switzerland are attaching importance to neatly bundled and compressed cardboard. In any other form, cardboard is usually considered waste and must be disposed of at a charge. The bales from the cardboard presses, on the other hand, are popular for further processing and can even be sold.

Cardboard balers also have the advantage that they are easy and safe to operate. One person, without special training, can operate the machine alone. The systems are designed to be trouble-free and require only a minimum of maintenance. Thus, the use is economical and the carton presses work reliably.

These are the key advantages of a board press: 

  • time-saving disposal
  • space-saving solution
  • reduces disposal costs
  • converts residual materials and waste into valuable raw materials 
  • low maintenance
  • easy to operate 

What materials do cardboard presses process? 

First and foremost, carton presses are designed for all forms of cardboard, paperboard and corrugated board. In addition, many systems also process gray board, paper shavings, various types of foils, as well as PET, other plastics or foam.

The maximum size of cardboard and other materials that the presses process depends on the feed opening. The compact devices have feed openings with a size of 800 by 495 millimeters. The larger solutions have feed openings of up to 1100 by 2250 millimeters. 

The cardboard presses from Hunkeler Systeme AG

Die Kartonpressen von der Hunkeler Systeme AG

As a specialist in waste disposal technology, we at Hunkeler Systeme AG offer a wide range of carton presses. Our range extends from compact machines for trade to large-scale systems for industry.

This is what the cardboard presses from Hunkeler Systeme AG do

One advantage of the presses from Hunkeler Systeme AG is their wide range of performance. This ensures that you will find a model that does exactly what you need.   

For example, the systems are available with a pressing force of up to 150 tons. The systems for trade, on the other hand, operate with a pressing force of less than 20 tons. The advantage is that these presses are very energy-efficient and in some cases manage with a power of 1.5 kilowatts. This means that they can be operated from a regular 230-volt socket. 

The cardboard presses show with the final result how powerful and useful compression is. For example, the carton balers compress at a ratio of 1:20, in some cases reducing the space required for the cartons by 95 percent.

The bale weight and size can also be influenced by the choice of machine. This is an interesting option for adapting the bales to the planned further processing. The weight of the bales can thus range from 70 kilograms to one ton.

The compact bales have side lengths between 60 and 80 centimeters. In contrast, the larger balers produce bales with dimensions of up to 110 centimeters.

Presses with prepress flap technology facilitate the processing of high-density material and bulky cardboard. These systems achieve a high compression rate even with very large cartons. At the same time, carton presses with prepress flap technology produce particularly homogeneous bales.

Additional functions of cardboard presses

cardboard press

We offer optional and additional features that allow you to adapt the carton presses exactly to your needs. For example, various models of horizontal balers have an automatic bale ejector. Systems with an automatic baling process can also be realized. In this case, the pressing process starts automatically as soon as sufficient material has been fed in. These two functions save a lot of working time and ensure a high degree of automation.

Some presses tie off the pressed cardboard bales with wire or tape. Such tying prevents the cardboard bales from possibly deforming or individual pieces of cardboard from coming loose after the pressing process. This also facilitates machine transport and stacking. 

For medium or high material volumes, carton presses with cutting edge technology are worthwhile. These devices are suitable for continuous feeding. The shear blades separate the pressed cartons and thus enable fully automatic operation. The equipment is particularly well suited for combination with air feeding systems or conveyor belt feeders. Presses with cutting edge technology are also low-maintenance. 

The right carton press for your needs – from Hunkeler Systeme AG 

Cardboard presses are used in a wide variety of areas. Retailers, logistics companies, central warehouses as well as the paper industry itself use such presses. For this reason, the requirements for the systems are very different.

Commercial enterprises and retailers require quiet and compact presses. In industry, on the other hand, performance and automated processes are the most important factors. Accordingly, the range of carton presses at Hunkeler Systeme AG is broad. We offer the right solution for every scenario – including your individual situation. If you need a carton press, use the contact form on our website now. Together we are sure to find a solution that satisfies you.