Shredders: What are industrial shredders used for?



Did you know that industrial shredders play crucial roles within countless production facilities? These humble machines can perform a host of tasks, and they often help increase efficiency. 

The team at Hunkeler Systeme AG offers a range of configurations based on the requirements of your organisation. Let us examine some of the purposes of these shredders. We can then highlight the options at your disposal. 

How does an industrial shredder function? 

There are several core components of an industrial shredder. For the sake of simplicity, these include: 

  • The motor 
  • The gears 
  • The blades, screws or “teeth” 
  • The housing 
  • The control mechanism 

The primary intention of these shredders is to mechanically destroy materials instead of disposing or recycling (1). As you may have imagined, the high-quality shredders offered by Hunkeler Systeme AG come in a wide array of configurations. 

What types of materials can a shredder handle?

One impressive benefit of these devices involves their versatility. Shredders are capable of destroying a kaleidoscope of materials. Some examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Mattresses
  • Residual wood
  • Rubber & Tyres
  • Bulky Waste
  • Biological Waste
  • Paper & Cardboard
  • Metal
  • Files & Data
  • Electronic Waste (WEEE)
  • C&I Waste
  • Residual Waste
  • Plastics
  • Hard drives
  • Waste wood
  • Pulper ropes
  • Product destruction
  • Pallets
  • Bank notes and documents

This flexibility offers several benefits. For instance, shredding machines can eliminate bulk waste in a timely fashion. This helps to free up space in work areas. 

These units may also represent the first step of the recycling process. Subsequently, shredded materials can be shipped to waste management centres and then turned into new products. 

The exact type of material is often determined by how the machine is configured. Another factor is how much waste can be processed at any given time. Please examine this page to learn more about the substances that our shredders can address. 

The role of shredders in data destruction    

disk hardware

Many business owners will be surprised to learn that shredders play a role in data destruction. Current GDPR guidelines dictate that devices such as hard drives must be disposed of properly. This helps to prevent potentially sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. 

While hard drive erasures may represent an option, physical destruction is the most secure method. Our shredders can reduce the components of a hard drive into pieces no larger than a one-euro coin. Likewise, barcode scanning ensures transparency and accurate record-keeping for future reference. 

The modular nature of industrial shredders


Although these machines can work as standalone devices, they are often designed to operate in a modular fashion. For example, it may be possible to pair a shredder with an existing in-house sorting system. This increases existing levels of efficiency while ensuring a smooth workflow. 

Enhanced modularity also helps to reduce the amount of training that employees will require within a fast-paced facility. Thanks to user-friendly controls and high shredding capacities, even the most demanding challenges can be met. 

How powerful are industrial shredders? 

The answer to this question will partially involve the type of material to be destroyed. For example, the line of horizontal cardboard shredders offered by Hunkeler Systeme can efficiently destroy large amounts of corrugated materials. Single-shaft shredders can be used to dispose of wood, while four-shaft configurations are appropriate for destroying metal objects. 

The exact power is measured by the amount of material that can be eliminated within a specific amount of time. This also determines the size of the resulting debris particles.

How to choose the right industrial shredder for your needs 

The professionals at Hunkeler Systeme have developed a wide range of units. The first question to answer will involve the type of material that you are dealing with. Our machines can handle waste products, including: 

  • Wood and wood products 
  • Cardboard waste and die-cut cardboard grids 
  • Metallic objects (such as the hard drives mentioned earlier) 
  • PET bottles 
  • Endless edge strips 
  • Documents and currencies 
  • Substrate rolls 

It is now clear to see why industrial shredders have become so important within countless production facilities. 

A shredder for every need 

Hunkeler Systeme AG boasts a second-to-none level of experience in regard to shredders and recycling. We are also pleased to provide additional services, such as on-site installations, repairs and timely maintenance. Would you like to learn more about what we have to offer? If so, please take a moment to contact one of our specialists. We will be more than happy to discuss your options.