A shredder is ideal for shredding different materials



Industrial operations inevitably generate a lot of waste – too much to simply dispose of. A shredder provides a remedy here. These powerful devices transform materials of all kinds into manageable particles that can be transported away in a space-saving manner and then processed further. Shredders are also used to destroy files and data media. They ensure that confidential data does not fall into the wrong hands. But which shredder is suitable for which material? How finely and efficiently do the devices work? And what makes the industrial solutions from Hunkeler Systeme so unique that customers from all over the world choose them? We get to the bottom of these questions in the following.

Single shaft shredder for waste wood and other materials

As a slowly renewable resource, wood is valuable – too valuable to be used only once. However, before the waste wood can be put to a new purpose, it must be shredded. This requires robust technology, as scrap wood often contains hard foreign metal particles. Crushing technologies are not efficient enough for this task and are therefore hardly worthwhile from an economic point of view. Instead, we offer an ideal solution for commercial customers. Our single-shaft shredders of the XR series make short work of scrap wood.

These shredders are also ideal for coarse and medium shredding of refuse and various types of waste. Thanks to perforated screens of different sizes, the XR shredders produce granules ranging in size from 30 to 400 mm. Of course, energy efficiency is also playing an increasingly important role in waste disposal. Here, the single-shaft shredders from Hunkeler Systeme are considered pioneers in the industry. Our Eco Drive drive concept ensures high efficiency with low energy consumption. In this way, we do our part to conserve natural resources

Four shaft shredder for numerous materials

Four shaft shredder for numerous materials

Four-shaft shredders from Hunkeler Systeme are perfect for shredding a wide variety of materials, such as:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastics and rubber
  • Textiles
  • Waste wood
  • Metals
  • Organic materials

But what makes these novel products so revolutionary for disposal technology? For one thing, the four shafts ensure trouble-free feeding of the material. On the other hand, they enable pre- and post-shredding in just one operation.
The result: a particularly fine granulate, the size of which can be adjusted with various perforated screens. The selection ranges from 15 to 80 mm for our RS 30 to RS 100 shredders.Thanks to their robust design, our four-shaft shredders are insensitive to small parts that cannot be shredded. They can withstand even multi-shift continuous operation without any problems. At the same time, the cutting shafts operate relatively slowly, which reduces noise and dust generation to a minimum and additionally prevents sparking.

Shredder for die-cut grids

Cardboard and paper industries die-cut tens of thousands of sheets every day – and at a breathtaking speed. However, this leaves behind a bulky waste product: die cutting grids that have to be disposed of. Cutting up the grids manually and feeding them into the recycling process would be far too time-consuming. Fortunately, we offer the right solution for this task. Now, the die-cut matrixespass over rollers to cutting knives that shred them into manageable pieces. These pieces are transported away by means of a conveyor belt. However, it is also possible to install a suction device.

Another solution for punching grids is our SZM 1200/1500 shredder. This adapts to the operation of the die-cut machine and works faultlessly even at a punching speed of 11,000 sheets per hour. This is impressively demonstrated by the SZM 1200/1500 at Bromberger Packungen GmbH. Feeding and discharge are automatic. The SZM 1200/1500 is not only quiet and low maintenance. In combination with an extraction system, the dust generated during cutting is extracted, thus reducing air pollution. At the same time, the cutting blades used have an impressively long service life. Blade service lives of over 10,000 hours make this shredder an investment that pays off in the long term.

Cardboard shredder

Shredder for cardboard

Cardboard packaging is used for packaging of all kinds. However, sustainability is also becoming increasingly important for these products. In order to reduce the need for newly felled wood, the reuse of cardboard is of great importance. Before cardboard boxes and roll cores can be recycled, they have to be shredded. One challenge here is the size of cardboard boxes and rolls. That is why we have developed the HL horizontal shredder with a particularly large conveyor belt.

The shredder can be integrated into existing production machines and is available in various sizes. At the same time, it scores with low noise levels. Our HKZ cardboard shredder is perfectly suited for shredding residual cardboard. The areas of application range from strips and cardboard boxes to large-area cardboard. The speed of the cutting unit can be adjusted to the amount of material to be shredded. Depending on the requirements, you can fill the HKZ model by hand or via a conveyor belt. After shredding, transport with the aid of suction and compaction systems is an option. We at Hunkeler Systeme also manufacture suitable equipment for this purpose.

PET bottle compacting

Plastic bottles have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. However, the synthetic material has one disadvantage: it degrades naturally only after hundreds of years. Accordingly, PET bottles represent a major burden on our environment if they are not disposed of properly. Fortunately, the bottles can be recycled today. However, before this is possible, they have to be slit open and compacted.

This turns voluminous PET bottles into manageable bales that are easy to transport. We offer special shredders for recycling centers that take on this task. Pre-sorted bottles enter a hopper from above before being compacted by rotating rollers and transported away via a conveyor belt. In the process, our systems not only compress a large quantity (up to 90,000 bottles per hour) of material in the shortest possible time. We also offer presses with sufficient pressure to process the PET bottles into bales that conform to market standards.

Shredder for destruction of hard disks

Shredder for destruction of hard disks

The disposal of hard disks poses challenges for data centers. After all, the data on the storage media should not be accessed by unauthorized persons. It is true that there are software solutions for deleting hard disks. However, these are not thorough enough and do not pose an obstacle to hackers and computer professionals. For this reason, hard drives must be physically destroyed. Depending on the security level, this must be done so thoroughly that they cannot be recovered under any circumstances.

We offer the optimal solution for this. Our HDDS 30 shredder is suitable for hard disks from nine to 23 cm in length. The device scores not only with particularly effective destruction thanks to four smoothly running shafts. The HDDS 30 is also a real speed miracle. Depending on the size of the hard drives, it manages to destroy 100 to 200 units per hour – ideal for large data centers. The HDDS 30 meets security level H5 according to DIN 66399.

This means that it can be used for classified data such as research and development documents. Once destroyed, it is virtually impossible to recover this data. This is already evident from the result that comes out of the perforated screen. The resulting particles measure less than 320 mm2, which corresponds to a diameter of a one-euro coin. But the shredder not only ensures reliable destruction. It also features an easy-to-use touch panel. Thanks to barcode scanners and password entry, companies can track which employee destroyed which hard drive at any time.

Shredder for files

Shredder for files

Not all files may simply be disposed of. If they contain personal or particularly confidential data, they must be destroyed. Doing this by hand would be an impossibility for large companies. But fortunately we have the right solution at hand to shred files efficiently and securely. The document shredders from Hunkeler Systeme work as follows. When you place the garbage can with the files on the tipping device, it scans the barcode. Then it pours the contents onto a feed belt. In this way, the files enter the cutting system.

There is no need to feed the sheets separately. Our large-scale systems are capable of destroying entire federal folders. Shredding several hundred kilograms per hour is no problem for the shredders. Of course, the destruction is carried out in compliance with security requirements – an important criterion for ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive files. After shredding, our systems press the paper chips into compact briquettes. This reduces space requirements and disposal costs. By the way, you don’t have to worry about dust generation during shredding and pressing. Our HKU extraction systems ensure that the room air remains clean.

Shredder for banknotes

Banknote shredder

When banknotes become invalid or damaged, they have to be destroyed. This is often a mammoth task; after all, millions of tons of banknotes can accumulate. This was precisely the request that a major Asian central bank approached us with. As experts in the disposal industry, we were able to supply the right solution: two processing lines that shred four tons of banknotes every hour. First, the banknotes are delivered by truck. Then they go onto a conveyor belt. The actual shredding takes place in two steps, starting with a shredder.

The additional granulator works even finer. What remains are tiny particles measuring just six by six millimeters. By way of comparison, such fine shredding turns a DIN A4 sheet into a full 2100 shreds. This corresponds to security level P5, which is prescribed for documents that must be kept secret. After cutting, the particles are sucked out by a separator and vacuum. In this way, less dust remains in the air. They are then fed into a press and processed into combustible briquettes. Each processing line spits out about 1,000 of these per hour

Shredders for other materials

Hunkeler Systeme shredders can also be used for shredding the following materials.


In order for household and other waste to be used for incineration plants, it must be shredded. We offer two proven solutions for this. Our single-shaft shredders are ideal for coarse and medium shredding. You can achieve even finer results with the four-shaft shredders from Hunkeler Systeme.

Endless edge strips

Continuous edge strips are a waste product of film, foil and paper production machines. They are usually extracted via a pipe system. This is where our tube shredder comes in and cuts the strips into manageable pieces. The shredder can be easily installed in the pipe system.

Substrate rolls

For the destruction of defective substrate rolls we recommend our roll splitter. This operates fully automatically and allows the length of the cut stacks to be adjusted. Thus, stack widths from 20 to 60 cm are possible with this guillotine system.

The right shredder for your requirements

Are you looking for a shredder that is perfectly tailored to your company? Then Hunkeler Systeme is the right address for you. With our waste disposal solutions, we have already supported numerous businesses ranging from medium-sized companies to large corporations. Feel free to contact us and let our competent team advise you.