Reisswolf AG Satigny, Switzerland


Satigny follows Basel and Zurich

Reisswolf AG has organised a system for the shredding of documents in their location of Satigny, near Geneva. Testimonials spoke clear text in favour of Hunkeler Systeme AG’s technology.

Pascal Laperrousaz directs the new branch of Reisswolf AG in Satigny near Geneva. When he was faced with the decision of which shredder he should take to destroy confidential documents, he very quickly made his choice. Reisswolf AG has worked for years with technology from Hunkeler Systeme AG in their facilities in Basel and Zurich. For Pascal Laperrousaz, no other recommendation was necessary.

The new shredding system went into production this spring. Waste, ranging from loose sheets, cardboard boxes and on up to complete binders, are transported by an ascending conveyor to the shredder and are then reduced. The particle size conforms to security level P4, as set down in Norm DIN 66399. A press compacts the shredded material to bales weighing up to 450 kilos.

Hunkeler Systeme AG used a four-shaft shredder for the reduction process. A robust cutting unit shreds paper, cardboard and even metal pieces.

High security standards are in place

Reisswolf AG operates according to the highest modern security standards for document destruction. The company is certified according to Norm DIN 66399. Reisswolf AG makes the container available to the customer who needs to dispose of documentation; each customer has one specific container assigned to them. Less bulky documents are thrown into the container via a slit cut into the top of the container. The container can be opened for larger objects (binders). The opening mechanism can only be activated by authorised personnel with a personalised badge. The system registers each and every time the mechanism is operated. It is possible to trace who opened the container at which time. If a container is open for longer than two minutes, an alarm sounds.

‘Hunkeler Systeme AG supports us with reliable high-performance and highly secure technology’, says Pascal Laperrousaz.

Expertise and integrity are persuasive arguments

‘We looked for a professional system and found it with Hunkeler Systeme AG. The technicians inspire confidence with their expertise and reliable work. We received exemplary advice and the system went into operation on time. The remote support system is of exceptional quality. If a fault occurs, the technicians can analyise and rectify it via the internet without having to spend hours driving to teach us.’