Proprietary Dedusting Solutions Offered by the Team at Hunkeler Systeme



Dedusting has become a common concern within many commercial and manufacturing-related environments. While there are numerous solutions to consider, some are more effective than others. Therefore, the professionals at Hunkeler Systeme are pleased to offer a host of cutting-edge devices. Let us take a closer look.

Why is Dedusting Important in the Workplace?

There are several reasons why dust control is crucial in certain environments. As the British Safety Council notes, employee health is a very real concern. Personal risks include skin irritation, respiratory distress and, in severe cases, some types of cancer.

It is also important to remember that airborne particles can negatively impact manufacturing processes. Dust may clog extraction filters, contaminate intentionally sterile surfaces and cause machines to age prematurely. It is clear that targeted remedies are required. How can Hunkeler Systeme help?

What Types of Equipment Does Our Team Offer?

Equipment Hunkeler

Our dedusting machines have been engineered to address specific scenarios. Therefore, each can adapt to specific environments. This provides customers with flexibility in regard to which unit they choose. Let us now examine two potential options.

The Hunkeler Compact Air Cleaner

The Hunkeler Compact Air Cleaner

One example of the traits mentioned above can be seen in our Hunkeler Compact Air Cleaner (HKA). This unit is designed with portability in mind, allowing it to be suitable for offices as well as industrial spaces. Some additional features include:

  • ISO 16890 certification
  • A maintenance-free configuration
  • A choice of three different air filters
  • Automatic electronic monitoring
  • Easy-change filters

Note that the HKA is also capable of removing smaller particles (such as pollen and viruses) from the atmosphere.

The PEM and I-PEM Series

The PEM and I-PEM Series

These units are commonly employed alongside industrial-grade paper printers. The PEM and I-PEM models automatically remove airborne dust during the production process. Otherwise, this dust might adhere to finished products or foul nearby machinery.

Thanks to the use of compressed air, all dust is removed without physically contacting the paper substrate. Air jets are also located on both sides of the paper. This automates the entire process without the need for subsequent cleaning. Thereafter, dust and other particles will be sent to an exhaust air bin.

Flexo Printing Applications

Flexo Printing Applications

Flexo printing enjoys a growing presence within high-production facilities. This approach utilizes a series of flexible photopolymer printing plates. Such an approach is suitable for large-volume projects, and little excess waste is produced. Flexo printing is often used when creating packaging labels.

However, the photopolymer plates are extremely sensitive to dust. Particulate matter will impact the quality of any digital images and even cause production to grind to a halt. This is why reliable dedusting solutions are mandatory. Hunkeler System has developed modular units that can work in conjunction with flexo printing assemblies.

Ancillary Benefits to Appreciate

Ancillary Benefits to Appreciate

We have already seen that dedusting solutions offer a handful of unique benefits. They contribute to on-site worker safety, and they help to ensure quality control. There are still some other advantages to mention before moving on. These include:

  • Reducing maintenance costs associated with degraded equipment.
  • Promoting an employee-first company culture.
  • Providing environmentally-friendly solutions and reducing the carbon footprint of a business.
  • Ensuring that no additional chemical cleaning agents are required.

Not only will these traits result in a higher ROI, but they will also help to promote businesses in a positive light.

Adhering to Increasingly Stringent Protocols

It is also crucial to note that workplace safety regulations have become much more rigorous in recent times. Companies that fail to adhere to such protocols could very well face stiff fines, resulting in higher operational costs. Therefore, it is clear to see that only the latest solutions will suffice.

Hunkeler Systeme: Proven Quality Assurance

Hunkeler Systeme employs more than 80 experts in the disposal logistics industry. Our dedusting machines have been engineered to the highest of standards, and they adhere to all regulatory requirements. We also offer comprehensive on-site maintenance solutions if the need arises.

Of course, dedusting machines are not the only solutions offered by our team. Additional options include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Compact suction units
  • Shredders
  • Presses and balers
  • Bespoke sorting systems
  • Briquetting presses

Do you have any questions concerning our dedusting units? Are you interested in other workplace solutions? If so, please contact a Hunkeler Systeme professional. We are always happy to discuss your options in greater detail.