Cardboard shredder for production and logistics companies



In logistics and production plants for packaging, cardboard packaging often accumulates as residual material. This is mainly packaging and shipping material as well as gripper edges from large-format die-cutting machines. Such cardboard waste is unwieldy and thus causes a great deal of effort when it comes to disposal. Cardboard shredders from Hunkeler Systeme are a practical solution. They allow you to shred the cardboard waste economically and simplify disposal.

Where is the use of a cardboard shredder worthwhile?

Solutions for shredding cardboard make sense wherever larger quantities of cardboard waste regularly occur. For example, the amount of cardboard packaging in online retail is constantly increasing. Cardboard shredders are flexible and can be used at various points in the life cycle of cardboard packaging. These can be the following scenarios, among others:

  • Online in production machines
    • for shredding the gripper edges of large-format die-cutting machines
    • for shredding waste from box-on-demand machines
  • Offline at unpacking and repacking stations
    • in production plants
    • in logistics centers
    • in the e-commerce sector

What solutions does Hunkeler Systeme offer in the field of carton shredders?

Hunkeler Systeme has a range of solutions for the shredding of cardboard boxes and cardboard waste. The Hunkeler Cardboard Shredder HKZ series is specifically designed to meet the requirements of production and logistics operations.

The HKZ is available in different sizes. In this way, the machine adapts to the cardboard boxes that you have. The infeed width for the various solutions is between 700 and 1400 millimeters, the infeed height between 500 and 700 millimeters.

The HKZ from Hunkeler Systeme can be integrated directly into production lines for carton packaging. Likewise, the HKZ are designed for 24/7 operation. This option has been used, for example, by the company Smurfit Kappa MNL Golfkarton. In this case, an HKZ 700 from Hunkeler Systeme is combined with an extraction system in production and runs in three-shift operation. The use of the HKZ has reduced clogging and increased the productivity of the production line.


What are the advantages of cardboard shredders from Hunkeler Systeme?

A key advantage of the HKZ series is that it significantly reduces the volume of cardboard boxes. It is possible to reduce the volume by up to 90 percent by shredding. At the same time, shredded cardboard waste makes handling easier and is less susceptible to blockages during onward transport with automatic disposal solutions.

This also brings an interesting environmental aspect. Shredded, the volume to be transported is reduced significantly… In this way, you reduce the effort required for transport and thus the CO₂ emissions of your waste disposal. Shredding also reduces the cost of disposing of the cardboard packaging.


Some of the key advantages of HKZ series carton shredders for production and logistics operations are:

  • Volume reduction of the cardboard waste
  • Efficient shredding of the waste
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Increase of efficiency

Are you looking for an efficient and effective solution for shredding cardboard boxes in your plant? Do you have questions about how a cardboard shredder from Hunkeler Systeme can be integrated into your production? Our sales team will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and use of our carton shredders.