A secure destruction of your documents thanks to our disposal technology

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With hardly any object is secure destruction as important as with data carriers. Sensitive data that must not fall into the wrong hands require special treatment. There are special solutions in disposal technology for this purpose. At Hunkeler, we offer a wide range of technology with which you can safely dispose of documents and data carriers of all kinds.

Why is the secure destruction of data media so important?

There are data carriers in every company. Important, sensitive, critical, personal or sometimes even secret data is stored on them. These data carriers such as CDs, confidential business documents or even letters do not remain in your company forever. It is then important to process these data carriers in such a way that the information contained on them can no longer be read or reconstructed.

If this is not guaranteed, sensitive information can leave your company without being checked. Internal information can end up in the wrong hands. Especially against the backdrop of data protection regulations, it is all the more important today to ensure the secure destruction of data media. In the worst case, mishandling old data media can result in severe penalties.

For the different types of data media, you need the appropriate disposal technology in each case. Hunkeler provides you with powerful systems for all scenarios.

Which items can be safely destroyed with disposal technology from Hunkeler? 

A shredder is ideal for shredding different materials

Digitalization in particular has significantly diversified the type of data carriers. In addition to traditional paper, there are now many other data carriers. These also contain sensitive data in analog or digital form. These must be destroyed securely and in such a way that no recovery is possible afterwards.

Hunkeler offers you the right disposal solution for every type of data carrier. This ranges from CDs and flash data storage devices to hard drives or complete file folders with contents. A list of objects and items that you can safely destroy with Hunkeler’s disposal technology:

  • paper documents
  • optical data carriers such as CDs, DVDs or Blu-Rays
  • magnetic data carriers such as floppy disks and ID cards
  • electronic data carriers, including USB sticks, memory cards, SIM cards or chip cards
  • special data carrier formats, including microfilms or foils
  • robust and large-format objects such as hard disks, SSDs or complete file folders

In which areas can the disposal technology for data destruction be used?

Systems for data destruction are needed in many areas. This starts at the workplace in the office. Here, small quantities of letters and other paper documents accumulate. Compact and quiet document shredders for the office make sense in this area.


Many offices rely on centralized solutions for the destruction of data media in the form of a shredder on the floor. This shredder must be powerful enough to process even large volumes quickly. The requirements for the devices are also increasing in this area. In offices, for example, CDs, magnetic tapes or even hard disks have to be destroyed more frequently.

For even more demanding applications, we offer large-scale systems for document destruction. These systems have significantly higher capacities and can handle all types of data carriers. In some cases, these large-scale systems can be combined with a briquetting system or an outfeed conveyor belt. In this way, you directly facilitate the further processing of the waste materials produced.

For these applications you will find suitable solutions from Hunkeler:

  • offices or stores
  • central data destruction in building services
  • multifunctional destruction systems like HDDS 20 and HDDS 30
  • data destruction on an industrial level
Vernichtungssysteme für Akten und Dokumente

Special solutions for the destruction of particularly sensitive data

In some situations, disposal technology must meet high demands or offer special properties. We also cover these areas with our solutions for secure destruction and disposal.

One such example is the banknote puncher for the decentralized cancellation of banknotes. Among others, the Banque de Congo uses Hunkeler for this purpose. The banknote puncher hydraulically cancels stacks of banknotes up to ten millimeters thick. As a result, risk-free transport for further disposal is possible.

The special solutions also include the high-performance granulators for post-shredding. These are used, for example, in the destruction of banknotes. But the granulator also reliably destroys paper documents or carrier foils. This solution enables the implementation of high-security data protection when destroying documents.

50 euro

What do security levels mean for data shredders?

Certain specifications must be adhered to when securely destroying data and documents. This is the only way to ensure that the information is actually irretrievably destroyed. Document shredders and other document destruction systems must meet these minimum specifications.

Since the introduction of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation in 2018, DIN 66399 specifies shredding levels. The standardized shredding levels are divided into several classes. DIN 66399 specifies the following classes:

  • Category P for paper
  • Category F for reductions such as microfilms
  • Category O for optical data carriers such as CDs
  • Category T for magnetic data carriers such as floppy disks and data tapes
  • Category H for data carriers with higher data density such as hard disks
  • Category E for electronic data carriers such as USB sticks and other flash memories

Within the individual classes, there are in turn several levels. These describe the maximum particle size that the destroyed data media may have after the process. There are seven levels in each category. In the category for optical data media, the categorization accordingly ranges from O1 to O7.

Class O1 devices shred the optical data carriers to a particle size of 2,000 mm². In class O7 systems, on the other hand, the particles have a maximum size of only 0.2 mm². The highest security level is used for the destruction of top-secret data. Security level three is usually used for sensitive and confidential information.

Documention destroyed at security level one is comparatively easy to recover. Considerable effort is already required for devices with class P3. DSGVO-compliant destruction of personal data requires a document shredder with level P4. From class P6 onwards, recovery is no longer technically possible.

What factors influence the choice of disposal technology?

Secure Destruction

Two important factors in the choice are the area of application and the security level. In addition, the devices for data media destruction differ in many other respects. Factors you should consider when purchasing include:

  • format of the documents to be shredded
  • cutting capacity
  • shredding speed
  • operating time
  • shredding volume

Many document shredders are designed for DIN A4. If, on the other hand, you often shred larger documents in DIN A3, it is worth purchasing a larger device. What many people also forget when purchasing a shredder is the possible operating time. Devices for professional use allow a significantly longer operation. Smaller devices, on the other hand, switch off after a few minutes.

The collection volume is also an important factor. Small and compact devices may be space-saving, but they fill up correspondingly quickly. Thus, emptying can quickly become time-consuming.

Cutting performance and speed are also important factors. Small devices can only process a few sheets. Large devices as a tiered solution sometimes destroy complete file folders in one process. Small shredders, for example, can shred 16 A4 pages. Large devices, on the other hand, shred 180 to 380 pages in the same time.

There are also secondary factors that influence your purchase decision. These include, for example, the noise level or an automatic shut-off function. A child lock may be appropriate in the home office. With larger systems, you will often find a practical auto-start-stop function. This saves power at the same time because the device switches off automatically.

Find the right disposal technology for your company

So choosing the right system for data destruction depends on many factors. First, it’s a matter of identifying what types of data media your company generates. This already narrows down the choice. In Hunkeler’s wide range of products, you are sure to find the right shredder for your requirements.

Do you have questions about the secure destruction of data media or are you looking for a special solution for your company? Contact us now – we will provide you with expert advice.