What should you look for when buying a paper shredder?


The technology associated with paper shredders has certainly come a long way in recent times. There are now various unique options to choose from. These are often employed within industrial settings. Selecting the correct configuration will save you time as well as money.

It is important for businesses to select the most suitable paper shredder. That’s why the team at Hunkeler Systeme AG has compiled a checklist so that stakeholders can make an informed decision. Let us take a closer look at paper shredders.

Why is the Size of Paper Shredders Important?

Size Paper Shredders

Many shredders are often classified in terms of how much paper they can accommodate at any given time. This factor is indeed important when dealing with demanding production environments. Therefore, high throughputs are the best solutions when tackling challenging amounts of waste or large documents.

Some of these models can even accommodate hundreds of kilograms per hour. However, it is crucial to determine the machine’s footprint in relation to the available operational space.

Addressing Potential In-House Security Concerns

Many shredders are employed to effectively destroy sensitive documents. Examples can include:

  • Legal paperwork
  • Sensitive financial materials
  • Banknotes
  • Contracts and similar items related to proprietary business operations

It, therefore, stands to reason that the shredder should be capable of reducing paper into very fine material. This ability is important, as such an approach prevents reconstitution. Make it a point to examine the schematics and technical details of the paper shredder. These will normally contain information in regard to the size of the finished product.

The Importance of User-Friendly Controls

User Friendly Controller

The majority of high-quality paper shredders have been designed with an intuitive approach in mind. The intuitive design helps reduce training times while ensuring that safety is never called into question.

Touchscreen controls, customizable parameters and real-time monitoring are some of the benefits of a straightforward UX. These are even more relevant when purchasing an office shredder. This point is because the chances are high that numerous employees will access its functions regularly.

What is the Relationship Between Paper Shredders and GDPR Compliance?

We already touched upon privacy and security earlier, but these concepts warrant closer attention. It is important to remember that many paper shredders will be used to eliminate sensitive information. This purpose has become even more of a concern within Europe. The need for this is because instances of data theft are on the rise.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines have addressed these issues by putting forth guidelines regarding the final size of shredded documents (1). The exact stipulations will vary from region to region. It is always essential that the shredder in question is indeed capable of meeting and exceeding the GDPR recommendations.

It is, therefore, essential for those buying a paper shredder to pay attention to such recommendations and standards. Otherwise, the shredder may fail to meet compliance standards. Shredding parameters are normally listed within the technical specifications of the product.

Coordination with Other Related On-Site Equipment

On Site Equipment

Paper shredders can be used as standalone systems in commercial and industrial settings. However, these units might represent a single component within a more complicated workflow.

This scenario is commonly seen when shredding important documents, such as a currency that will no longer be in circulation. In such an instance, the unit could have to work in synergy with other products. These may include a briquette press for banknotes, sorting systems or compactors.

This reason is why all related software and hardware must be compatible with third-party systems. Of course, it may also be possible to download additional software that can work in conjunction with another unit.

Therefore, most modern paper shredders have been developed with a scalable and modular nature. You can easily pair them with other elements. The only other option is to purchase additional machinery manufactured by the same brand.

Making an Informed and Educated Decision

Choosing the most appropriate paper shredders for commercial or personal use shouldn’t have to be a confusing or complicated process. However, there are still several variables to take into account. To review, these include:

  • The size of the shredder
  • The type of documents being processed
  • The presence of user-friendly control systems
  • Possible GDPR concerns
  • Modularity and scalability

These are some main reasons why it is a good idea to contact a representative at Hunkeler Systeme. We offer a wide array of paper and cardboard shredders, plus numerous other products. Please speak with us at a convenient time to learn more.