What is Our Matrix Shredder Used For?



There is no doubt that we live in an increasingly digital society. However, most businesses still rely on paper or cardboard to perform numerous day-to-day operations. Studies have indicated that up to 70 percent of all waste comes in the form of paper/cardboard by-products. Therefore, it is clear that efficient disposal methods like our Matrix shredders are crucial.

This is why many organizations have come to rely upon the use of in-house shredding and disposal technology. Cardboard and corrugated shredders are increasingly common, and they come in a wide variety of configurations. One popular option is known as a matrix shredder. Let us take a closer look at how this unit functions and its unique benefits.

What is a Matrix Shredder?

The primary intention behind any type of shredder is rather straightforward. These machines are engineered to cut cardboard and corrugated material into a series of strips or extremely fine particles. There are two main benefits associated with these processes:

  • The information contained like brand logos cannot be retrieved.
  • It is much easier to dispose of waste paper due to a reduced aggregate volume.

A matrix shredder consists of numerous blades (sometimes called shredding knives). These blades are located at regular intervals, enabling them to slice the cardboard as it is automatically fed through.

Once the cardboard has been reduced to a specific size, it can then be further processed as needed. For example, companies can utilize a baler to create compact bales, which may thereafter be recycled. The main takeaway point is that matrix shredders often represent a vital component of in-house disposal workflows.

What Benefits Does the Hunkeler SZM Matrix Shredder Offer?

Hunkeler SZM Matrix Shredder

The team at Hunkeler Systeme firmly believes that modern solutions require a fair amount of flexibility. This is even more relevant when dealing with a variety of products. Our SZM series can provide several beneficial features for the end user and is offered in two sizes, the SZM 1200 and the SZM 1500.

For instance, this matrix shredder is mounted on castor wheels. Therefore, it can easily be moved (such as after a blanking station). These wheels also streamline any maintenance requirements that may be necessary from time to time.

Another innovation can be seen in cutting speeds. A built-in frequency converter allows the operator to modify how fast the blades rotate. Therefore, this velocity can be quickly changed in accordance with the materials being processed. As all adjustments are performed automatically, this also reduces downtime.

Our matrix shredders also produce little dust, and they are extremely quiet. The rotary knives reach a lifespan of over 10000 hours. These are often two understandable concerns within any modern work environment. Furthermore, reduced decibel levels can help increase on-site worker safety levels.

The Applications of Hunkeler Matrix Shredders 

Hunkeler Matrix Shredders

The flexible nature of our SZM matrix shredder makes it suitable for a wide array of purposes. Of course, one primary intention involves reducing the materials’ size with cutting knives.

As mentioned previously, the blades can be configured in accordance with specific RPM inputs. This enables them to slice through a variety of different substrates. This type of flexibility would be difficult to achieve when utilizing outdated shredding technology.

Note that a matrix shredder is often a single station within a larger disposal workflow. For example, the SZM model is used in conjunction with a blanking station. In addition and as an option, there is the SAZ shredder available for the stripping station of the die-cutters. The processed materials can then be sent on for further refinement or disposal. Here are some other purposes that a matrix shredder can serve:

  • Adjusting the dimensions of a series of bulk documents
  • General trimming requirements
  • The destruction of sensitive information 
  • Preparing cardboard and corrugated material for subsequent processes, such as baling, compacting 

We can now begin to understand why these shredders have become so popular. 

Hunkeler Systeme: When Precision Counts

All of our shredders are vetted to the highest of standards and engineered with longevity in mind. These waste evacuation solutions have developed a global reputation for efficiency, accuracy, and longevity. Often the SZM shredders are connected to Bobst or Heidelberg die-cutting systems.

Please note that matrix shredders are only one of the many options offered by the team at Hunkeler Systeme. To learn more about our additional solutions, please contact one of our representatives. We will be more than happy to speak further.