What Bespoke Solutions Can a Cardboard Shredder Provide?



Waste disposal represents a crucial component of many industrial operations. The type of waste will likewise determine the machinery employed. The use of a cardboard shredder is the perfect example of such targeted solutions. 

What purposes can these shredders serve? What materials are they capable of addressing? How can the team at Hunkeler Systeme help? Let’s examine each of these questions. 

How Does a Typical Cardboard Shredder Function?

Typical Cardboard Shredder Function

Cardboard and corrugated board shredders work by grinding down large materials into smaller pieces. In this case, we are referring to corrugated cardboard waste. These shredders are capable of addressing flat strips as well as entire boxes. 

The blades of the shredder will perform the majority of the work. They spin at a very high speed, enabling them to reduce large pieces of cardboard into manageable sizes. For example, the HKZ-700 model by Hunkeler produces pieces as small as 50 by 200 millimeters.  

Shredders are also quite flexible when it comes to throughput. Operators can adjust a range of functions, such as the speed, the type of material and quantity. As well as solid sheets, it allows the shredder to process corrugated cardboard.  

What Materials Can Cardboard Shredders Accommodate?

One of the benefits of a modern cardboard shredder involves its versatility. This means that many types of waste can be processed within a short period of time. Some typical examples include: 

  • Paperboard 
  • Corrugated cardboard (as mentioned above) 
  • Various plates, tubes, boxes and other objects 

However, note that cardboard that has been contaminated with certain substances may not be suitable for shredding. Grease and oil are two materials to be highlighted.  

Another variable to consider when choosing a cardboard shredder involves the thickness of the cardboard. Some machines are more agile than others in terms of what they can cut efficiently. Otherwise, sheets or boxes that are too robust might cause damage to the unit (and its rotating cutting blades).  

The Benefits of Modern Shredders

Modern Shredders

Cardboard shredders and corrugated board are often present within manufacturing, storage and production facilities. This arises from the fact that these premises tend to generate a considerable amount of waste, like the Bobst Mastercut 1.7 and 2.1 die-cut production machines.

Shredders also represent a significant portion of the recycling process. Smaller portions of cardboard are much easier to process, helping to reduce costs over time. This particulate matter can then be transformed into entirely new products. Some interesting applications include: 

  • Eco-friendly packaging 
  • Paper 
  • Cups, plates and even utensils 
  • Chipboard (when further processed into pulp) 

Shredders, therefore, allow a business to embrace a decidedly sustainable edge. Let us also remember that governments are now requiring enterprises to adopt “greener” approaches within the workplace. This is important when considering potential environmental impacts that might otherwise occur. 

Another advantage of die-utting shredders involves the amount of space that they require. Many are extremely compact in nature, enabling them to accommodate relatively small environments. In fact, some Hunkeler shredders will require a footprint of only one square metre.  

Some additional advantages that should never be taken lightly include: 

  • Low maintenance and increased unit lifespan 
  • High throughput 
  • Limited energy consumption 
  • Continuous 24/7 operation when needed 
  • Reduced ambient noise levels 
  • Disruption-free feeding via an automated conveyor belt 

As many cardboard shredders can now be integrated with other on-site machinery, modularity is another popular feature.  

How the Team at Hunkeler Systeme Can Help 

The HKZ 700 series offered by Hunkeler Systeme boasts the latest features to ensure both safety and efficiency. Thanks to solid engineering, these units can handle challenging workloads that might not be possible when using traditional configurations. 

Furthermore, quality craftsmanship ensures years of fault-free operation. This helps to guarantee a high ROI over time. Let us also remember that shredders are now critical in relation to sustainable business operations.  

The good news is that our team provides only the latest disposal solutions for the needs of your business. While the HKZ 700 is a popular model, we supply a host of additional shredders, including: 

  • Die-cut waste shredders 
  • Roll splitters 
  • Matrix shredders 
  • Four-shaft shredders 
  • Horizontal cardboard shredder

Do you wish to learn more about the uses of a cardboard shredder? Are you interested in what the HKZ 700 can offer you? If so, please contact Hunkeler Systeme. We can then explain the many benefits to you in more detail.