Three Undeniable Benefits of Air Cleaning Systems



Air cleaning technology has come a long way in only a handful of years. Not only can these units be adapted to work within various environments, but their user-friendly design ensures a streamlined implementation.

Air cleaning systems offered by our team have been engineered to adapt to a host of unique operational requirements. This leaves little chance in terms of efficiency and reliability. Let us examine three major advantages which customers can expect to enjoy.

How Do Hunkeler Air Cleaning Systems Work?

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It is first wise to take a quick look at how these systems function on a basic level. The core component of any air cleaning system is its internal fan. This fan draws in a significant amount of air before the air is passed through a series of filters.

Built-in filters will then remove particulate matter from the air. Adhering to ISO 16890 standards, the filters can trap pollen, smoke, bacteria, viruses and similar allergens. Note that these filters are equivalent to those associated with FFP 2-3 surgical face masks.

1. Setting the Bar in Terms of Efficiency

Die Vorteile Der Absauganlagen von Hunkeler

One of the ways in which the efficiency of an air filter can be gauged involves how long it takes to clean a room. Our filters are generally able to recirculate the volume of a room within three hours wiht the correct dimension of the filters..

Not only will this provide a healthier ambient environment, but it can reduce cleaning times by up to 60 per cent. This is particularly relevant when dealing with large buildings (such as manufacturing or production facilities). Thus, in-house maintenance costs will be dramatically reduced.

These air cleaning machines are also engineered to automatically detect when a filter needs to be changed. This results from an automatic monitoring system that will immediately alert the user. Therefore, common maintenance issues can be tackled within a short period of time.

2. Ensuring the Health and Safety of On-Site Personnel

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Studies have shown that modern filtration systems can significantly reduce the presence of viruses and similar airborne pathogens. When we consider the impacts of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, their importance can be clearly appreciated. This is largely due to how the filters have been constructed.

The Hunkeler Systeme line is comprised of a series of filters (preliminary, main and exhaust). Thus, three levels of protection are offered. These filters are free from all dyes and solvents. Thanks to their water-repellent nature, they can also trap extremely small biological organisms (such as viruses).

The team at Hunkeler Systeme likewise provides the option to select high-performance filters. These include HEPA E11 and F7 carbon variants when addressing very fine dust particles and allergens (1).

3. Portability and Low Energy Consumption

The team at Hunkeler Systeme appreciates that many businesses are facing operational challenges due to limited budgets. However, these issues should not cause workplace safety to be jeopardised. This is why our air cleaning systems boast a decidedly user-friendly edge.

These units are portable and can be easily transported from place to place. All that is needed is a 230-volt mains power supply. Furthermore, they consume only 750 watts per hour while effectively filtering up to 10,000 cubic metres of air. Note that these filters can be mounted in an elevated position when required.

Constant on-board monitoring alerts users in the event that a filter needs to be changed, thanks to a warning light. Therefore, efficiency is never compromised.

What Other Features Do These Air Cleaning Systems Offer?

Hunkeler Systeme believes that nothing should be left to chance in terms of on-site air quality. This is why several additional amenities are provided, including:

  • Sensors and electronic components do not require cleaning.
  • These units are compatible with mobile devices.
  • A plug-and-play configuration ensures rapid implementation.
  • Before-after air quality can be measured.

Simply stated, these units will provide a much greater level of operational oversight when compared to generic filtration solutions. It should be noted that in the rare event that spare parts are required, Hunkeler Systeme can be contacted directly.

The Hunkeler HKA Series of Air Cleaning Systems: When Safety Matters

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Our HKA air cleaning systems will provide targeted solutions when dealing with pathogens or airborne particulate matter. Compact, efficient and cost-effective, these units have been engineered to the highest of standards.

If you have additional questions or should you wish to place an order, please contact us directly. We will be happy to provide further assistance.