The right briquette press for grinding slurry and other metal applications



Briquette presses are helpful machines in metal applications to deal effectively and efficiently with the residual materials produced. In metal processing plants, metal residues are generated in numerous forms. This ranges from pure metal in various forms to contaminated grinding sludge. Hunkeler Systeme offers you the right briquette presses for all these scenarios.

What types of materials do briquette presses process?

Materialarten verarbeiten Brikettpressen

Briquette presses are designed primarily for small metal scraps, such as those generated in production plants. Such residues are produced during drilling, grinding, punching and other mechanical processing of metal. The presses then take over the compression of metal into briquettes.

Hunkeler presses are multifunctional and suitable for a wide range of applications. These are some examples of applications in which briquette presses can be used in metal processing:

  • Grinding sludge
  • Metal chips
  • Metal dust
  • Different types of metal such as cast iron or aluminum

What are the advantages of Hunkeler briquette presses?

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Briquette presses have different advantages. First and foremost, they bring the metal scraps into a uniform format. The briquette size for our presses is 60 by 40 centimeters or a diameter of 60 to 120 centimeters. The length or height can be individually adjusted between 40 and 100 centimeters. A volume reduction of up to a factor of 40 is possible.

The compact shape makes it more efficient to transport the metal briquettes and put them to use. This makes the briquettes perfect for metal recycling. In this process, metal briquettes achieve better prices than loose metal scrap. In some cases, it is even possible to reuse the production waste.

Casting chips in foundries, for example, can be remelted as pressed briquettes, which is not possible or only possible to a limited extent with loose chips. In this way, raw material costs are reduced. At the same time, an important contribution can be made to sustainability and the responsible use of raw materials.

Pressing the grinding sludge simultaneously separates the valuable raw material from the expensive lubricant. This has two decisive advantages. On the one hand, the metal is thus available as a pure raw material for recycling. Secondly, you also recover the lubricants. These are both expensive and hazardous to the environment.

These are some of the advantages of using a briquette press in metal applications:

  • Volume reduction
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Recovery of expensive lubricants
  • Separation of metal and lubricants
  • Reduction of logistics costs in disposal

Briquette presses for metal applications from Hunkeler

In our offer you will find briquette presses for metal applications in many variants. These economical and environmentally friendly solutions are worthwhile, as your operating costs can be efficiently reduced. With our wide range of different presses and our experience in the field of disposal technology, we can offer you the right solution.

Do you have questions about the disposal of metal waste? Are you looking for a briquette press that exactly fits your operation? Then contact our sales team and we will find the optimal solution together with you.