Why do you need a document shredder?

As the name suggests, document shredders are primarily used to irrevocably destroy various documents and data carriers in accordance with specified security standards. This is done by shredding the data carriers in such a way that they cannot be recovered. This makes it impossible for unauthorized persons to access these documents and data carriers.

Banknoten Vernichtungsanlage

Document shredders and document destruction systems are used wherever the professional disposal of sensitive data is of central importance. This prevents improperly disposed files from falling into the wrong hands and sensitive data from being misused. The products and systems from Hunkeler Systeme AG are suitable for the destruction of the following data carriers:

  • Paper files (e.g. personnel or patient files)
  • Hard disks
  • Electronic and optical data carriers (e.g. USB sticks)
  • Banknotes
  • Identity documents (e.g. passports)
  • Credit cards and smart cards

Hunkeler Systeme AG provides you with devices that are up to any task.

Which document shredders does Hunkeler Systeme offer?

Our office document shredders are best suited for destroying documents in the workplace. They are not only able to destroy paper, but also cards and CDs. They are easy to operate and can be used by all employees. The noise emmission of these devices is discreet, making them ideal for use in within offices. Full waste bins can be emptied easily by all employees. Thanks to the automatic reversing function, these document shredders clear blockages automatically.

The HDDS-30 from Hunkeler Systeme is suitable for small to medium shredding volumes. The single-stage compact system shreds files in accordance with security levels P3-P5 (in accordance with DIN 66399-2) and can be equipped with a compact extraction system and a briquette press. Depending on the configuration, HDDS-30 systems can also be used for electronic data carriers such as hard disks or USB sticks.

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If large volumes of files need to be destroyed, customized large-scale systems are ideal. The files are transported to the shredder via a conveyor belt. There, the documents are destroyed at a throughput rate of several hundred kilograms.

Depending on the configuration, such industrial document shredding systems can also cope with entire file folders. It is therefore not necessary to separate folders and files in advance. To keep the waste volume of the destroyed files as low as possible, the paper shreds can then be compacted using briquette presses. This process significantly reduces disposal costs.

Do you have any questions about our document shredders and document destruction systems or other products from Hunkeler Systeme? Our team will be happy to provide you with non-binding advice.