Security is key – Destruction of banknotes



Destruction of unfit banknotes is a sensitive and complex process. During the operation, security is key and needs to be maintained at any times. The most destruction lines can be accessed by a classic “two steps identification process” which incorporates a physical key and a log-in password. This is becoming an increasingly standardized process at central banks around the world.

Now Hunkeler Systeme has developed a 3rd access authorization step – a so called ‘Batch card’ on the top of existing features like the keys and the log-in codes. Different color codes of this ‘Batch Card’ are available based on the different level of operating hierarchies for example:

  • BLUE for the logistic workers, loading the conveyor with the unfit banknotes
  • GREEN for the operator, starting the destruction system
  • RED for the security staff in case it needs to interact during an emergency incident

 This new three phase authorization has already been implemented with a Central Bank in Southern Europe, and Hunkeler Systeme is receiving increased requests to this new 3-step identification access. 

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