Print Works Banknote Destruction - 'Advanced Steering Technology' by Hunkeler Systeme


Most ‘Print Works’ do not distinguish between finish printed banknotes  vs semi-finished banknote sheets at the point of destruction. This process is non-sustainable, causes wasted energy and wear the shredder knives as described at the recent published “Sustainability & Destruction Technology Report” by Hunkeler Systeme, which can be requested via

Hunkeler Systeme, a leading destruction technology company from Switzerland, is providing for the above described topic a separation module incl. operational software, enabling Print Works to divide different shredding levels for semi and finished printed banknote (sheets).  

This delivers the benefit that only necessary shredded material for the security level P5 is being processed via the granulator of the two-step destruction system, while the remaining material (e.g. semi-finish printed banknote sheets) is only shredded with security level P3.  Even the transport belt incorporates an integrated metal detector, removing foreign items away and protecting the destruction equipment accordingly.

This advanced sustainable destruction process   

  • is saving energy costs 
  • reduce maintenance level for knives and providing longer operating hours
  • improve throughput

The complete solution can be automatised steered from the Control Manager Display and provides therefore an easy handling management. This system has been supplied and installed recently at a banknote printing facility in Southern Europe.

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