Powerful shredders for recycling applications



Shredders are used wherever coarse materials are to be shredded as efficiently as possible. Accordingly, recycling is one of the central areas of application. The challenge is that a wide variety of materials and objects arise. For this reason, shredders from Hunkeler Systeme are flexible and adaptable. Thus, our solutions are ideally suited for use in recycling applications.

What tasks can shredders perform in recycling?

Aufgaben können Schredder im Recycling

In recycling, shredders are often the machines responsible for rough work. At this point, the processing and preparation of raw materials for recycling begins. Accordingly, the equipment must be able to handle a wide variety of items and materials.

One strength of our solutions is their versatility. This makes it possible to adapt the shredders to many different requirements. The machines from Hunkeler Systeme are suitable for the following recycling tasks, among others:

  • Wood recycling of furniture, pallets and other forms.
  • Electrical scrap of all classes and sizes
  • Plastics and plastic of all kinds
  • Cardboard, paper and similar material
  • Rubber and tires
  • scrap metal
  • Pulper braids

Single shaft shredder for coarse recycling tasks

The powerful single-shaft shredders are primarily designed for coarse and medium shredding. They are used to shred a wide variety of material streams. The strengths of these shredders lie in their energy efficiency and the numerous options for customization.

With the single-shaft shredders of the XR/LRK series, the size of the perforated screens can thus be individually adjusted. In this way, fraction sizes can be set in a range from 25 to 400 millimeters. With the ripper and cutter system, these shredders achieve throughputs of up to 70 tons per hour.

Compact and powerful four shaft shredder

Four-shaft shredders of the RS

The strengths of the four-shaft shredders lie in their compact design and robustness. This includes the fact that the shredders are insensitive to foreign bodies that cannot be shredded. Thus, four-shaft shredders of the RS series are ideally suited for industrial recycling applications.

These machines shred a wide range of materials, from plastics to files or data carriers to recyclables. You can also use these systems for professional product destruction. In addition, the solutions from Hunkeler Systeme offer a modular design, which allows them to be adapted to different areas and requirements.

How can individual recycling solutions be realized with shredders?

Especially in recycling, it is necessary to adapt the technology used to the task at hand. The solutions from Hunkeler Systeme offer a range of options for this. In addition to the perforated screens, you can also adapt the speed, torque, cutting unit and sealing variants. In addition, the single and four-shaft shredders are available in a wide range of sizes.

Do you still have questions about the use of shredders in recycling? Or would you like an individual offer? Contact our sales team and we will answer your request promptly and competently.