Hunkeler Systeme News - Focus June 2022


HALBA – Division of Coop Genossenschaft (Switzerland)
Under the HALBA brand, Coop has merged two production plants, Chocolats Halba and Sunray, at the Pratteln site. In the new building, which went into operation in October 2017, chocolate is produced and raw products are refined and packaged. Because HALBA wanted to expand chocolate production, additional space was required. As a result, HALBA had to reduce the space where the raw products are prepared and empty cartons are disposed of by half.


State Bank of Pakistan, Karachi (Pakistan)
The State Bank of Pakistan destroys production residues from banknote production at its headquarters in Karachi using shredding technology from Hunkeler Systeme AG. “When installing a new equipment, software adaptations might be necessary. We experienced a very quick response rate by Hunkeler Systeme AG to customize our needs in the set up stage.”
Mr. Salman Malik, Deputy Director
State Bank of Pakistan

State Bank of Pakistan

Operations Centre Migros Lucerne Cooperative, Dierikon (Switzerland)
The operations centre of the Migros Lucerne cooperative is located in Dierikon. From here, the supermarket branches and restaurants of the retailer throughout central Switzerland are supplied with products every day. Conversely, all packaging recyclables that need to be disposed of arrive in Dierikon. For the disposal of recyclable materials, a new compaction plant with a high-performance baler has been in operation since January 2021. The plant was planned and realised by Hunkeler Systeme AG.

Operations Centre Migros Lucerne Cooperative

DeLaRue plc.,Zejtun (Malta)
DeLaRue plc. produces banknotes, authentication marks, stamps for tax authorities, labels and identity cards (passports) at its Zejtun site on the island of Malta. About four years ago, Hunkeler Systeme AG supplied extraction systems for the disposal of edge strips. DeLaRue plc. is expanding its production capacities at the Zejtun site in Malta. Hunkeler Systeme AG is supplying an intelligent and versatile shredding system for this purpose.


Waste Disposal Day at Coop in Aclens
Hunkeler Systeme AG will be holding its Waste Disposal Day 2022 on 22 September at the Coop distribution centre in Aclens. Customers and interested parties are cordially invited to attend. Since September 2021, Coop in Aclens has been disposing of organic waste, PET bottles, PE hard plastic, plastic films and cardboard using disposal and compaction technology from Hunkeler Systeme AG. We would be pleased to give our guests an insight into these impressive facilities.

Waste Disposal Day at Coop in Aclens