E-Waste Destruction


Destruction of banknotes, sensitive paper documents or deletion of data are established processes within companies, institutions or central banks. But there are hundreds of tablets, mobile phones, CD / DVD, hard disks in the hand of those employees. And on that electronic equipment sensitive information are being carried, stored, and transferred. At the end of the life cycle, it is not only important to delete all stored data but also to proper destruct it, to guarantee a 100% security of deletion. Moreover, electronic equipment is a problem originator for our environment, therefore a proper destruction provides an improved platform for a sustainable recycling waste campaign. Hunkeler Systeme, well known for its capability to destruct high security documents or banknotes is providing a unique E-destruction equipment for a destruction security level of up to E-5 / H-5.

Those guaranteeing and incorporating:

  • The Right level of security for an efficient e-destruction process management
  • Electronic waste management & platform for recycling
  • Working based on DIN-66399 regulation
  • Touch panel
  • Bar-code reader
  • 4-wave shredding technology
  • Traceable process with achieve options
  • Improving e-foot print for sustainability
E-Waste Destruction

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 Requests can be sent to e.hodel@hunkelersysteme.com for a customized solution