The Central Bank of the Congo, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo


There are many reasons for choosing Hunkeler Systeme AG’s technology

The Central Bank of the Congo works with modern destruction technology from Hunkeler Systeme AG in their headquarters in Kinshasa. Decisive for this choice were the secure and multi-stage shredding process, compact construction, economical operation as well as an effective protection against noise levels.

The mint prints bank notes for the Democratic Republic of the Congo on behalf of the Central Bank of the Congo. Print sheets whose quality is insufficient are destroyed with technology from Hunkeler Systeme AG. The new destruction plant in the capital Kinshasa went into operation in the first quarter of 2020. When looking for an appropriate destruction plant, a high level of process security and reliable operation were of great importance. The rejected print sheets had to be subject to irreversible destruction. Additionally, the customer required a system that was fully protected from access by unauthorised persons.

Shredding at level P5

During the destruction process, the print sheets go through a two-stage process; first in the shredder and a second shredding process in a heavy-duty granulator. The resulting particles have a size of a maximum of thirty square millimetres (edge length: 5.5 mm). These dimensions comply with security criteria of level P5 in accordance with guidelines defined in DIN 66399.

ESS lowers energy costs

The system destroys up to 500 kilos of material per hour. This capacity is also comparably more economical in operation. The energy saving system ESS dynamically regulates performance and only takes up as much energy as is necessary for the momentary shredding requirements. Energy input sinks in comparison to operations without ESS by at least 20 percent.

Briketts or Big-Bag

The shredded material can be compacted and ejected as briketts. The relatively high density of the briquettes of one kilo per cubic decimeter makes disposal simple. A variation on this would be that the particles, as formless bulk solids, are placed in big-bag containers via a screw-conveyor. The big-bag variation means that, in future, bank notes manufactured on a polymer base can also be processed in the same system. The optional ejection of the shredded material in brikett-form or as bulk solids additionally fulfils a back-up function and further guarantees the highest possible operational security.

Access is doubly secured

A doubled authorisation system on the destruction system ensured that only authorised individuals have access to the system. Firstly, access can only be obtained with a mechanical key. Secondly, to operate the plant, a password is necessary. All actions and work processes are logged in the Hunkeler Control Manager and can therefore be traced. Maximum security is just as true for system support: the system is connected via a Virtual Private Network to Hunkeler Systeme AG’s central in Wikon (Switzerland). Service technicians can assist the customer in technical matters over this connection at any time, quickly and easily.

Well protected from noise emissions

The system in Kinshasa was constructed in very cramped spacial conditions. This was possible because the Hunkeler Systeme AG concept allowed the individual components to be arranged in a flexible manner. It was also possible to find space for a noise-protection cabin. This protects the personnel from having to operate and monitor the process under high levels of noise emission. This high level of operating comfort is additionally supported by the fact that the system layout and operational readiness are shown on a large touch operation screen, and employees can easily keep an eye on production processes.

A Central Bank with branches all over the country

The Central Bank of the Congo is the central bank of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It issues the Congo Franc, the country’s currency. This institute is headquartered in the capital Kinshasa, a metropolis with currently over eleven and a half million inhabitants. As well as in Kinshasa, The Central Bank of the Congo has other branches in other provinces within the country and works closely with agencies.