You will find the Hunkeler Systeme in Hall 1 on Booth B42

You will find Hunkeler Systeme in Hall 1 at Booth B42. Right next to Hunkeler Systeme are two industry leaders in the print and print finishing sector, Muller Martini and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen. In addition to our own booth, numerous solutions will be exhibited at the booths of our partners in halls 8a and 17.

Our solutions at drupa 2024

Hunkeler Compact System HKS

Hunkeler Systeme booth – Hall 1 / B42

The HKS is a compact, vacuum-operated extraction solution, ideally suited for the disposal of production waste. Space-saving, powerful and compatible with both containers and balers, the HKS is designed for non-stop operation. The HKS provides a clean production environment with low energy consumption and high efficiency.

Compact Aircleaner HKA

Hunkeler Systeme booth – Hall 1 / B42

The HKA is a multi-filter system with state-of-the-art air technology. Dust particles are a well-known problem and cannot be avoided in industrial buildings and due to production processes, movements and air circulation. The HKA ensures improved air quality and reduces breathing air pollution for employees as well as the cleaning effort for buildings and production facilities.

Cardboard Shredder HKZ

Hunkeler Systeme booth – Hall 1 / B42

The HKZ shreds cardboard waste and cardboard boxes economically and efficiently in logistics and distribution centers in the e-commerce sector. The HKZ is also suitable for integration into large-format flatbed die-cutting machines and the shredded production waste is ideal for clog-free onward transportation with conveyor belts or extraction systems.

Hunkeler Compact Unit HKU

Hunkeler booth – Hall 8A / A20
HP booth – Hall 17 / A01
Screen booth- Hall 8A / A03

The HKU 2000-N ensures non-stop operation of production lines with minimal space requirements and with just one waste container. During the container change, the production waste is held back by a short-term buffer. The extraction system and the production line therefore do not have to be stopped. In this way, no production capacity is lost and the efficiency of your production can be increased.

Web Dedusting Module iPEM

Screen Stand – Halle 8A / A03

The iPEM paper web dedusting module removes the paper dust that adheres to the paper web and thus contaminates the digital printer and all downstream machines. The iPEM removes the dust particles on both sides of the paper web without contact, thus ensuring less cleaning effort, less downtime and better print quality.

Our partners at drupa 2024