Banknote Industry News


Hunkeler Systeme – part of the global Currency Conferences
Washington – Mexico City – Lyon – Barcelona

The recent Banknote & Currency Conference took place in Washington from 21st till 24th of February and has been the first industry come together after nearly three years. Several hundred participants from suppliers and more than 40 Central Banks unveiled that the complete life-cycle of a banknote – from production to destruction – needs to be considered in these days.  That is putting more attention towards sustainability & recycling for Central Banks worldwide. 

Banknote Industry News (BIN) in joint co-operation with Hunkeler Systeme (HS) presented analysis of its global conducted shredding-destruction / recycling survey which can be requested by the respective companies.  BIN / HS were also part of the panel discussion “The Ecological Footprint of Banknotes” with the Bank of England, National Bank of Belgium and the Dutch Central Bank. Other panels at this conference were discussing how the pandemic has changed the way cash is used and handled in the cash cycle; or how equipment manufacturers, Cash Handling Automation, and forecasting creates a more efficient and safer environment.

Over the next months Hunkeler Systeme is part of the upcoming Conferences starting in March (14th-16th) with the HSP Latin America in Mexico, followed by the Intergraf Conf. in Lyon (06-08th of April) and then in joint co-operation with BIN at the Global Currency Forum in Barcelona, where ‘The three stages of destruction’ will be presented via the Banknote Technology Report 8. Lets meet us there to learn more about our new ways of destruction and recycling.

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