Greenline Concept

Chart of green line concept wiht 4 pillars

Energy saving concept from Hunkeler

The Greenline Concept from Hunkeler Systeme AG saves costs and protects the environment. The energy consumption on extraction systems drops significantly, the waste heat provides enough energy to air-condition the production rooms. New extraction systems as well as existing ones are supported by the Greenline Concept. You save a lot of energy thanks to the Greenline Concept from Hunkeler Systeme AG. Whether it is a new extraction and compression system or if you want to retrofit your existing technology – you will significantly reduce your annual operating costs. You have amortized an investment within a short period of time. The Greenline Concept is based on four pillars:
• Concept and architecture of the suction technology
• Automatic switch-off ASA
• ESS energy saving system
• Recovery of waste heat from an extraction system

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Green line concept

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