Hunkeler Compact Aircleaner



Hunkeler Compact Aircleaners are the ideal solution for cleaning air in buildings. The HKA filters the entire air volume on average every two to three hours, day and night. The smallest particles are removed from the ambient air and leaves it appreciably improved in quality. Cleaning time in buildings is reduced by up to 60 percent, which means outgoings for cleaning are also reduced. Downtime for machines and production systems are reduced to a minimum thanks to improved cleanliness for the sensors.
The standard delivery for the HKA includes F8 filters. This permits high level air quality in accordance with ISO 16890. The filter materials are synthetic micro spun-bonded fabric, free of dye or solvent agents and are, due to their water-repellent properties, micro-biologically resistant. The optional highperformance particle filters (E11 and active carbon filter F7) are identical in filter quality to FFP 2-3 face masks and filter out bacteria, pollen, smoke and viruses.