Hunkeler Carton Shredder HKZ 700


Productnews Carton Shredder HKZ 700

The Hunkeler Carton Shredder is ideal for the shredding of cardboard residues in the punch waste area (strips & large surface cartons), E-commerce & cardboard containers. Thanks to the special form and arrangement of the blades, an optimised collection of narrow strips up to large cardboard boxes is possible. Using a frequency converter, the rotation of the cutting work can be set up for the waste quantity expected. Feeding is either piecemeal by hand or continuously via a conveyor belt, as required. The shredder particles from the HKZ are ideally sized for transport by underground conveyor belts. The particles can also be removed with a pneumatic suction & compression system from Hunkeler Systeme AG.

Special Features:
• For use with corrugated and grey carton
• Small standing area of 1m²
• Interface for machine connections
• Low wear and low noise level
• Low energy consumption
• Low maintenance
• Particle sizes of 50x200mm
• Suitable for 24/7 operation

Use in Bobst application:
• On Bobst Mastercut machines, intercut between
the gripper edges is no longer necessary
• Disruption-free material feed via conveyor belts
• Increased throughput

Use in Box-on-demand application:
• No need to change the container
• Reduced space requirements
• Dust-free production with suction

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